Upwork Skill Certifications 2023 (Updated)



Upwork Skill Certifications 2023

Standing out in your field as a skilled professional can help you connect with clients and grow your business faster.

That’s why we offer Upwork Skill Certifications in several categories, on an invitation-basis. If we invite you to go through the skills certification process, you have the option to complete a skills assessment. If you earn an Upwork Skill Certification, we’ll share that on your profile.

Currently, you can earn certifications for select skills in both our Web, Mobile, & Software Development and Design & Creative categories, and we hope to expand to other skills in the future.

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Currently, Upwork Skill Certifications are offered by invitation only.


When you pass an Upwork Skill Certification, you earn the following benefits:

  • An Upwork Skill Certification displayed on your freelancer profile to all clients
  • Priority for invitations to submit proposals to jobs assisted by Talent Specialists
  • The option to apply for our Talent Scout program

Available Skill Certifications

Skill certifications are currently available in Web & Mobile Software Development and Design & Creative.

Web, Mobile & Software Development

Design & Creative

Earn an Upwork Skill Certification

  1. Earn an Upwork Skill Certification in Web, Mobile, and Software Development
  2. Earn an Upwork Skill Certification in Design and Creative
  3. Stay tuned for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get invited?

At this time you cannot request to be invited to complete a skill certification. For the best chance of being invited in the future, we suggest you achieve a solid reputation, keep a complete and up-to-date profile that is not set to private, and maintain an active Upwork account in good standing. Completing a skill certification in your primary field is required before applying to our Talent Scout program.

When will an Upwork Skill Certification be available for my skill?

We currently have 10 skill certifications in the Web & Mobile Software Development and 16 in Design & Creative categories. We hope to expand skill certifications to other categories in the future.

How do I prepare for the test?

For the Web, Mobile & Software Development certification, we suggest you review, “How do I prepare for this coding test?” and explore CodeSignal’s knowledge base. To take a practice coding assessment, go here.

For the Design & Creative certification, we suggest that you update your portfolio with recent examples of your best work and provide as much relevant information as possible about your role in the project, responsibilities, and accomplishments with your projects.

In addition, ensure your overall portfolio is well-curated and polished. Here are details on how to update your portfolio and 4 Ways to Create a More Successful Portfolio. Your portfolio will be evaluated based on these areas (as applicable to the skill being evaluated):

  • Creativity
  • Demonstrated technical tool aptitude
  • Overall portfolio curation
  • Recent and complex project work
  • Layout and information hierarchy

For motion graphics & animation:

  • Demo reel
  • Use of audio
  • Animation
  • Pace
  • Meaningful motion

For videography:

  • Strong camera skills and shot composition
  • Video editing and post-production skills

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