Take Control: Publish Your Book on Amazon in 6 Steps



Take Control: Publish Your Book on Amazon in 6 Steps

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon: A Simple 6-Step Guide

You’ve put in the sweat, tears, and countless hours – your book baby is finally finished!

Time to share it with the world, and Amazon makes it super easy. Let’s break it down.

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1. Create Your KDP Account

Head to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website.

It’s free!

Already have an Amazon account?

Use that to log in. Don’t have one?

Easy to set up.

KDP will need your bank info for those royalty payments.

Fill that part out.Don’t stress, you can change this info anytime.

2. Build Your Book ListingHit “Kindle eBook”

That’s where we’ll start.

Details Time

Title, subtitle (not required but great for adding info), author name, do you have an illustrator, etc.

Write a Killer Description

Think movie trailer!

Hook readers and make them need your book.

Formatting Help

 Use bold/italics, lists… check out online description generators for the code to make it look great.

3. Keywords and Categories

Your Book’s Secret Weapons

Find Your Readers

Keywords and categories let readers searching for books like yours stumble onto your page.

Keywords Max

Think about what you’d search for. Tools like Publisher Rocket can help you choose the very best ones.

Two Categories to Start

General ones like “Romance” get eyeballs, specific ones like “Cozy Mystery” help you become a bestseller faster.

4. Upload Time! Get Your Files Ready

EPUB FTW: KDP loves EPUBs for eBooks, gives you the most control over how your book looks. If you’re not techy, hire a formatter – it’s worth it.

Cover that Pops

You probably have this already from your designer. KDP wants a JPG or TIFF file.

Preview is KEY

Use KDP’s preview tool to see how your book will look on Kindle. Catch mistakes before it goes live.

5. Price It Right, Get Paid More

Royalty Sweet Spot

 Amazon pays out a whopping 70% royalty for books between $2.99 and $9.99.

Pricing Strategy

 Check similar books. Maybe start low to get early reviews, then raise the price later.

Your call!

KDP Select? 

This program has pros and cons.

You get promotional tools, but can’t sell your eBook anywhere else. Think about your long-term goals.

6. It’s Launch Time!

Almost there! Triple-check your listing, then when you’re sure, click “Publish Your Kindle eBook.

Congrats! Your book will be live on Amazon within 72 hours (sometimes even faster).

Now it’s time to spread the word and start making those sales!

Quick Tips:Don’t Panic

You can edit your book listing anytime!

Marketing Matters

 Get those reviews coming in, use Amazon Ads – that’s a topic for another day.

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