Amazon KDP: Your Path to Becoming a Published Author



Amazon KDP: Your Path to Becoming a Published Author

Is Amazon Self-Publishing the Right Choice for You?

If the idea of waiting years for a traditional publishing deal makes you cringe, Amazon self-publishing could be your ticket to success. Here’s why:

  • Own Your Work: You make every creative decision, from cover design to pricing.
  • Huge Global Market: Tap into Amazon’s massive reader base.
  • Royalties Rock: Earn higher royalties than you would with traditional publishers.
  • Get Published Fast: Your book could be live in as little as 72 hours!
  • Easy to Learn: Amazon’s platform makes self-publishing simple.

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How to Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon in 9 Easy Steps

1. Know the Basics of Amazon Self-Publishing

  • KDP is Your Key: Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s self-publishing platform.
  • Two Options: Regular KDP or KDP Select with promotional benefits (but requires short-term exclusivity to Amazon).
  • What You’ll Need:
    • A killer book cover (professionally designed is best)
    • Your edited manuscript (ideally .doc or .docx file)
    • A catchy book description
    • 7 targeted keywords
    • Book categories (more on those later!)
    • Bank and personal info for getting paid

2. Create a Kindle Direct Publishing Account

  • Head to KDP: Go to You can use your regular Amazon login.
  • Fill It Out: Complete your account setup, including tax info. Don’t worry, you can change this later.

3. Start a New Book Project

  • Find the Big Button: On your KDP Bookshelf, click “Kindle eBook” to begin.
  • Title and Subtitle Time: Choose carefully! These make a strong first impression. Your subtitle is optional, but highly recommended.

4. Craft a Winning Book Description

  • This is Your Sales Pitch: Hook readers and convince them they need your book.
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction: Fiction descriptions focus on story feel, while nonfiction should highlight solutions and benefits.
  • Formatting Matters: Use HTML for the best look. An online description generator can help with the code.

5. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

  • Maximum of 7: These tell Amazon what your book is about.
  • Think Like Your Reader: What would they search for to find your book?
  • Tools Help: Publisher Rocket can find the best keywords for you.

6. Categories Are Crucial

  • Two at First, 10 Later: KDP starts you with two categories, but Author Central lets you add more. This helps readers find you!
  • Mix Matters: Go for some popular categories for visibility, and some niche ones for easier bestseller status.
  • Secret Tip: Google “Amazon book categories” for tons of inspiration.

7. Pick Your Launch Date

  • Be Realistic: Factor in editing, marketing, etc. Leave yourself buffer time.
  • Pre-Orders Rock: If your date is over 90 days out, people can pre-order, building hype.

8. Upload Your Manuscript and Cover

  • Formats: KDP prefers .docx for your book file and .jpeg for your cover.
  • DIY vs. Pro Cover: Your cover is your first impression, so a professional design usually pays off big time.
  • Preview is KEY: KDP has a preview tool – use it on multiple devices! Catch formatting issues before launch.

9. Pricing and Royalties

  • Two Royalty Plans: 35% or 70%, depending on your book’s price. Amazon has a calculator to help you compare.
  • Pricing Strategy: Check out similar books to yours. Start low and adjust later is a common tactic.

Amazon Self-Publishing FAQ

  • eBook Only? Nope! You can create paperbacks too through KDP Print.
  • Amazon Exclusive? Only if you choose KDP Select, otherwise, sell on other platforms too.
  • Cost? Self-publishing on Amazon is free, they take a cut from each book you sell.
  • Marketing Help? Amazon Ads and other tools are available to promote your masterpiece.

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