2023 Microsoft Search Advertising Exam Answers (Free) Updated



 2023 Microsoft Search Advertising Exam Answers (Free) Updated

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1. Contoso Bikes wants to ensure that if one campaign is attracting a lot of traffic on a given day, it CAN take budget from other campaigns. Which budget type should they select?



2.. What are the ways in which you can target your ads?

A.Type of device

B.Age and gender

C.Name and address

D.Geographic location

3. Microsoft Advertising Editor allows you to work and make changes online only.



4. Which of the following is not considered in calculating quality score?

A.Ad relevance

B.Expected click-through rate

C.Landing page experience


5.What is the maximum number of headlines an advertiser can provide for their Responsive Search Ads?

A.4 headlines

B.10 headlines

C.15 headlines

D.20 headlines

6. Contoso Holidays wants their ad to display for the keyword ‘Flights to New York’ only when a customer’s search query matches their keyword precisely- including some close variants- with no extra words. Which keyword match option should they select?

A.Exact match

B.Broad match

C.Phrase match

D.Modifier match

7. Arlo has applied targeting at both the campaign level and ad group level to his campaign. Which level will take priority?

A.The campaign target is prioritized.

B.The effect will be cumulative.

C.No targeting will be applied due to the conflict.

D.The ad group target is prioritized.

8. When using Google Import, which of the following may be modified automatically as part of the import process?

A.Location target

B.Ad title

C.Negative keyword match type

D.Sitelink extensions

9. In general, the higher up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) your ad is the less likely it will be to clicked.



10. How is a click-through rate defined?

A.Number of conversions ÷ Number of clicks as a %

B.Number of impressions ÷ Number of clicks as a %

C.Number of clicks ÷ Number of impressions as a %

D.Number of clicks ÷ Number of conversions as a %

11. What level or levels can ad targets be set?

A.Keyword level

B.Ad group level

C.Account level

D.Campaign level

12. When will changes made in Microsoft Advertising Editor be reflected in your Microsoft Advertising account?

A.When all accounts and/or campaigns have been downloaded.

B.Each time you complete an edit.

C.In real time as you make changes.

D.When you post your changes.

13. Complete the following sentence by selecting 2 correct answers: With Microsoft Advertising, you can use Dynamic Remarketing…

A.For Microsoft Audience Network campaigns.

B.For search campaigns.

C.Without customizing your standard universal event tracking tag.

D.Without a Microsoft Merchant Center Store.

14.. How many types of Dynamic Remarketing lists are available to an advertiser?

A.1 List

B.3 Lists

C.5 Lists

D.10 Lists

15. Microsoft Advertising allows you to import a keyword list from Google.



16. Maria has noticed that her ads are not appearing as high on the search engine results page as they used to. Which of the following could Maria do to improve her ads’ position?

A.Rename her campaigns and ad groups

B.Improve her ad relevance

C.Increase her bids

D.Improve the click-through rate by improving her ad copy

17. Kari’s Clothes online store has a remarketing list of site visitors applied to a campaign. For this campaign, they only want their ads to appear to customers on the remarketing list. Which targeting option should they choose?

A.Bid only

B.Target and bid

18. What are the benefits of using in-market audiences?

A.You can reach curated audiences more likely to convert in your category.

B.You can use your own first-party data.

C.You must have universal event tracking implemented.

D.You can create an ad group that will only serve to that audience.

19. For enhanced cost per click, which of the following is true about Universal Event Tracking (UET) with a conversion goal?

A.UET is not possible

B.UET is recommended

C.UET is only available in the US market

D.UET is mandatory

20. Ad group settings must inherit settings from the campaign level.



21. With conversion tracking, the only thing possible to track is when a customer actually purchases a product.



22. Helena wants to compare the performance of ads running on owned and operated sites to ads running on the Microsoft Search Partner Network. In which of the following ways can Helena do this?

A.Using Dimensions, Top vs other

B.Using Dimensions, Network

C.Using Segment, Network

D.Using Segment, Top vs other

23. Jack wants to provide a variety of headlines and descriptions so Microsoft Artificial Intelligence can automatically select the best combination. What ad type should Jack create?

A.Ad customizers

B.Responsive search ads

C.Expanded text ads

D.Product ads

24. Which of the following are Microsoft Advertising budgeting options?





25. Microsoft Advertising saves your Google Ads sign-in information for easier access with other Google Imports.



26. What are some benefits of using remarketing in your paid search campaign?

A.Connect with customers who have visited your website before.

B.Create additional opportunities to re-engage with customers who have abandoned their shopping cart.

C.Upsell or cross-sell to previous buyers.

D.Create a higher cost per acquisition compared to the same ads without remarketing in paid search.

26. Susana has recently implemented Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) on search campaigns. To best understand the full impact of her RSAs, how soon after implementation should Susana measure their performance?

A.24 hours after implementation

B.1 to 7 days after implementation

C.7 to 14 days after implementation

D.15 to 30 days after implementation

27. Celine is a camera retailer who wants to create engaging ads with images of what products are sold from the catalog. What ad type should Celine use?

A.Ad customizers

B.Product ads

C.Responsive search ads

D.Expanded text ads

28. Which of the following will not import using the Google Import tool?

A.Structured snippets


C.Automated rules

D.Text ads

29. Cathleen wants to check that three Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag is functioning correctly on the website, ‘Cathleen’s Musical Instruments’. Which of the following options would enable Cathleen to do this?

A.Adding the UET Tag Helper browser extension into the Opera browser.

B.Adding the UET Tag Helper browser extension into the Safari browser.

C.Adding the UET Tag Helper browser extension into the Edge browser.

D.Adding the UET Tag Helper browser extension in to the Chrome browser.

30. Responsive Search Ads can be imported from your Google Ads campaign.



31. Saskia is running a search campaign for a major retailer and is writing ad copy. With remarketing, Saskia has the ability to show previous website visitors different ad copy to other people.



32.. Which of the following is true about Universal Event Tracking (UET)?

A.UET is a piece of JavaScript code.

B.The UET tag records customer behavior on your website to send to Microsoft Advertising.

C.You need to have 1 UET tag for conversion tracking, and a different UET tag for remarketing.

D.It works as a ‘key’ that can unlock powerful Microsoft Advertising features.

33. Hitesh wants to see the number of impressions for each headline and description combination for his Responsive Search Ad (RSA). What type of report should Hitesh run?

A.Advanced Insights report

B.Asset report

C.Targeting report

D.Performance report

34.. What should you know before importing a file in Microsoft Advertising Editor?

A.Excel or .csv file formats are acceptable.

B.Files formated in .NUMBERS or .GSHEET are acceptable.

C.The file data columns can be in any order.

D.You ensure that the file is closed.

35. What is an EXTA?

A.Expanded Text Ad

B.Expanded Type Ad

C.Exact Type Ad

D.Exact Text Ad

36. You can use the Google Import feature to import an in-market audience to your campaign.



37. Willow Sporting Goods are concerned that a lot of their ads are being blocked from showing. They believe this is due to keywords that have been set up to prevent ads from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. Which report should they run?

A.Search Term report

B.Billing Statement report

C.Negative keyword conflict report

D.Share of Voice report

38. When is a customer removed from the Dynamic Remarketing list?

A.When a customer adds a product to a shopping cart.

B.When a customer searches for a product.

C.When a customer views a product.

D.When a customer purchases a product.

39. Which of the following payment methods are allowed if using a post-pay threshold?

A.Debit card


C.Credit card


40. Yani is creating a search campaign and is choosing an automated bid strategy. The aim is to ensure an average spend to get a customer to take action on their website over 30 days is less than $10. Which bid strategy should Yani choose?

A.Target cost per action

B.Maximize conversions

C.Target impression share

D.Enhanced cost per click

41. What are impressions?

A.The number of times an ad has been displayed on the search engine results page.

B.The number of times an ad is clicked.

C.The number of times an ad has not been displayed on the search engine results page.

D.The number of times a query is submitted.

42. What are the words or phrases a user types into a search box referred to as?

A.An impression

B.A query

C.A click

D.A keyword

43. Gail’s Gifts is choosing an automated bidding strategy. They want to have confidence that their bids are driving as much traffic to their website as possible while staying within their budget. Which bid strategy should they choose?

A.Maximum conversions

B.Enhanced cost per click

C.Target cost per action

D.Maximize clicks

44. What does a Callout ad extension provide?

A.Callout ad extensions provide an extra non-clickable snippet of text that highlights your website’s products or offers.

B.Callout ad extensions highlight deals for holidays and other special occasions.

C.Callout ad extensions list multiple categories of products or features with unique clickable links to each of these offerings.

D.Callout ad extensions provide a call-to-action button in your text ad.

45. Contoso Hotels wants to ensure that excessive spend on one campaign does not take budget from other campaigns. Which budget type should they select?

A.Number of clicks ÷ Number of impressions as a %

B.Number of conversions ÷ Number of clicks as a %

C.Number of impressions ÷ Number of conversions as a %

DNumber of clicks ÷ Number of conversions as a %

46. How is a conversion rate defined?

A.Number of clicks ÷ Number of impressions as a %

B.Number of conversions ÷ Number of clicks as a %

C.Number of impressions ÷ Number of conversions as a %

D.Number of clicks ÷ Number of conversions as a %

47. Broad match keywords have the most potential for high impressions.



48. What does SERP stand for?

A.Search engine references prioritized

B.Search engine results page

C.Search engine results prioritized

D.Search engine reference page

49. To pay with monthly invoicing, you will need to have a live insertion order set up.



50. Contoso Foods wants to track each time a searcher who has clicked on their ad watches a video on their site as a conversion. Which Microsoft Advertising feature do they need to implement?

A.Universal event tracking destination URL conversion

B.Offline conversions

C.Universal event tracking custom event goal

D.App installs

51. Dynamic Search Ads automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of your website, and are dynamically created to respond to these search queries.



52. Maria-Jose wants to run a report to see impressions, impression percentage, and impression percentage lost to budget and lost to bid. Which report should Maria-Jose run?

A.Share of Voice report

B.Negative keyword conflict report

C.Search Term report

D.Billing Statement report

53. What does CTR stand for?

A.Click-through register

B.Click-through rate

C.Click-to register

D.Click-through results

54. Contoso Shoes’ campaign reached its budget limit for the day, so it has been automatically paused. What could Contoso Shoes do to make its ads go live again?

A.Wait until the next day

B.Nothing, the campaign is paused until the end of the day

C.Increase its daily campaign budget

D.Raise its bids

55. What can a Sitelink ad extension provide?

A.A call-to-action button in your text ad

B.An extra non-clickable snippet of text that highlights your website’s products or offers

C.A phone number that is not associated with a particular location, but is appropriate for all locations where your ads display

D.Additional links in your ads that take customers to specific pages on your website

56. Leo’s online store wants to set up remarketing for its search campaigns. In what order should steps be taken to achieve this?

A.Tag your website with a UET tag

B.Create remarketing lists to segment users

C.Associate remarketing lists with ad groups

57. Gregory wants to set up billing information in a new account. Gregory can use Google Import to copy this over from his Google Ads account.



58. What is the membership duration range an advertiser can specify when creating a Dynamic Remarketing list?

A.1 to 14 days

B.1 to 60 days

C.1 to 90 days

D.1 to 180 days

59. Ravleen wants to run a report to see financial documents, including invoices and credit memos. Which report should Ravleen run?

A.Search Term report

B.Share of Voice report

C.Billing Statement report

D.Negative Keyword Conflict report

60. What are the ways in which you can import your Google Ads search campaign data?

A.Importing a file

B.Microsoft Advertising User Interface

C.Microsoft Advertising Merchant Center

D.Microsoft Advertising Editor

61. The ‘Target and Bid’ audience target setting does not narrow your ad’s audience.



62. What is the correct order of hierarchy in the Microsoft Advertising account structure?

A.Manager Account



D.Ad Group

63. How many Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags are needed per advertiser website?

A.5 UET tags – One for each of the 5 features it enables.

B.2 UET tags – One for remarketing and one for conversion tracking.

C.No UET tags – The UET tag is placed on Bing.com.

D.1 UET tag- One tag that performs all functions.

64. The Microsoft Search Partner Network is comprised of partner-managed properties powered by Bing. They have their own brands, but search results and ads are served by Bing.



65. Emily is creating a campaign for a large insurance company’s auto insurance and is choosing an automated bid strategy. The aim is to use Microsoft Advertising’s data-driven bidding to get as many online purchases as possible. Which bid strategy should Emily choose?

A.Target cost per action

B.Enhanced cost per click

C.Maximize conversions

D.Target impression share

66. Contoso Ski House wants its keyword ‘winter vacations’ to match to queries such as ‘winter vacations discount’ but not ‘Hawaii vacations’. Which keyword match option should it select?

A.Phrase match

B.Modifier match

C.Broad match

D.Exact match

67. Contoso Desserts is new to Microsoft Advertising and wants to implement conversion tracking. What is the first step?

A.Generate a universal event tracking tag

B.Add conversions to its campaign reports

C.Create a conversion goal

D.Apply a remarketing audience

68. When you are testing your Responsive Search Ad (RSA), which of the following is recommended?

A.Test 4 to 5 RSAs in an ad group with 3 expanded text ads.

B.Test 4 to 5 RSAs in an ad group with 1 expanded text ad.

C.Test 1 RSA in an ad group with 2 to 3 expanded text ads.

D.Test 1 RSA in an ad group on its own.

69. Which of the following is true about Microsoft Advertising Editor?

A.It is a tool that allows you to make changes to multiple Microsoft Advertising accounts.

B.It is a tool only available for Windows OS.

C.It is a tool that allows you to make bulk changes to your campaigns.

D.It is a tool that allows you to create new campaigns within your account or accounts.

70. Campaigns are the lowest level in the account structure hierarchy.



71. Gaby is marketing luxury vacations and notices ads are being triggered by queries for ‘cheap vacations’. What should Gaby do to prevent this?

A.Use negative keywords

B.Lower the bids

C.Increase the bids

D.Use broad match

72. Anna notices one device type performing poorly. What is the maximum negative bid adjustment Anna can use for a device?





73. Which of the following is the default bid strategy when creating a new campaign?

A.Enhanced cost per click

B.Maximum conversions

C.Target impression share

D.Target cost per acquisition

74. Contoso Pet Supplies wants their ad for the keyword ‘Cat Snaxxx’ triggered when a user searches either of the individual words in any order, or words related to Cat or Snaxxx. Which match option should they choose?

A.Broad match

B.Phrase match

C.Exact match

D.Modifier match

75. An ad extension, if present, will always serve.



76. Which levels can you apply website exclusions for the Microsoft Search Partner Network?

A.Ad group level

B.Account level

C.Campaign level

D.Keyword level

77. Unless you choose to opt-in, your campaign will be automatically opted-out of Microsoft Search Partner traffic.



78. Contoso Clothing is new to Microsoft Advertising and wants to track how many people buy a shirt online after clicking on their ad. What feature must they implement?

A.Conversion tracking

B.Audience targeting

C.Remarketing audiences

D.Dynamic search ads

79. What do past buyers lists do in a dynamic remarketing campaign?

A.Refresh within minutes.

B.Ensure ads for that product are shown again to the buyer.

C.Have past buyers automatically added.

D.Require customized universal event tracking set up correctly for that product.

80. What are some reasons why you would use page feeds for dynamic search ads?

A.To fine tune your auto targets and ad copy.

B.To prevent the labeling and targeting of specific URLs.

C.To improve your page freshness.

D.To leverage static headlines.

81. Tailspin Fences and Gates Inc. does not want its ad to display when a customer searches for ‘Bill Gates’. To avoid displaying an ad when a customer searches for ‘Bill Gates’, which Microsoft Advertising option should they select?

A.Audience targeting

B.Broad match

C.Negative keyword

D.Dynamic keyword insertion

82. Javier is interested in the performance of individual sites on the Microsoft Search Partner Network for his campaigns. What level of transparency can Javier get with Microsoft Advertising reporting?

A.Only the performance on Bing.com.

B.No transparency into the sites where his ads are serving.

C.Only the performance on owned and operated (O&O) sites.

D.Full transparency into every site where his ads are serving.

83. A bid is the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay for a click.



84. The words or phrases a user types into a search box are often referred to as:



C.Search Query

85. What an advertiser defines as a sale – could be a sign up or a purchase is known as:





86. What does the term SERP stand for?

A.Search Engine Results Page

B.Search Engine Rendering Page

C.Search Engine Results Panels

87. Each sponsored search ad that a user sees is called a(n):





88. What is it called when a user clicks through to an advertiser’s website from a sponsored search listing?



C.Conversion Rate


89. How many sales an advertiser is getting per number of clicks is known as:



C.Conversion Rate


90. What do web crawlers do?

A.They install themselves on your computer to deliver advertising. They are adware.

B.They index web pages for the search engines. They are a kind of database software.

C.They follow links on the web and send back information on web page contents to search engines.

D.They are software that search engines use to find and deliver the results of queries.

91. Paid search follows a Pay Per Click, or PPC, advertising model. Using this system, an advertiser only pays when a consumer clicks on their delivered ad.



92. Phuong wants to see details of which queries have been triggering the ads in a campaign that has been running for a few weeks. Which report should Phuong run?

A.Search Term report

B.Share of Voice report

C.Billing Statement report

D.Negative keyword conflict report

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