2023 Microsoft Advertising Native & Display Certification Exam Answers (Free)



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2023 Microsoft Advertising Native & Display Certification Exam Answers (Free)

Microsoft Advertising Native & Display Certification Exam Answers 2023

Exam Name: Microsoft Advertising Native & Display Certification

Exam URL: https://learninglab.about.ads.microsoft.com/course-catalog/native-display-advertising-learning-path/

1. What are the standard dimensions of a mid-page unit or rectangle ad?

A.90 x 728

B.250 x 300

C.300 x 250

D.728 x 90

2. Which set of ad dimensions represent common standard interactive advertising bureau (IAB) ad specifications?

A.300 x 250

B.300 x 300

C.728 x 90

D.728 x 900

3. Contoso Furniture is creating online video ads. What is the typical file type for video ads that they should use?





4. Contoso Investments are bidding for individual display impressions in an action. This is an example of which sales model?

A.Search advertising sales model

B.Programmatic sales model

C.Cost per thousand impressions sales model

D.Guaranteed sales model

5. When is a customer removed from a dynamic remarketing list?

A.When the customer searches for the product.

B.When a customer views the product page.

C.When the customer adds the product to their shopping cart.

D.When a customer purchases the product.

6. A publisher is a source of display advertising inventory.



7. When expanding search campaigns to the Microsoft Audience Network, ad copy will be generated using approved search text ads.



8. Which parameters are required in universal event tracking for dynamic remarketing in audience ads?

A.Product name

B.Product ID

C.Page type

D.Page name

9. What are the recommended minimum image dimensions for Microsoft Audience Ads images?

A.1200 x 628

B.628 x 1200

C.300 x 250

D.250 x 300

10. Which statement best describes an ad impression?

A.A single view of an ad by one individual.

B.A single time a user arrives on a landing page after clicking an ad.

C.A single click of an ad by one individual.

D.A single time a webpage loads.

11. Which of the following are components of ad unit specifications?

A.Ad dimensions

B.Ad text

C.Maximum weight

D.Aspect ratio

12. Which of the following are best practices when setting up your campaign?

A.Each campaign represents a specific audience you are targeting.

B.Add 3 – 5 images per ad group.

C.Start with low bids and low daily budgets.

D.Limit site and device exclusion at launch, and optimize after based on key performance indicators.

13. Which of the following can you apply to your Microsoft Audience Network campaign?



14. The Microsoft Audience Network has a partnership with Shutterstock to make images available for advertisers that do or do not have their own assets to use for their ads.



15. The Contoso Daily News newspaper is selling display ads on its website using the direct or guaranteed method of selling display advertising. Which statements describe this selling model? Select all that apply.

A.Individual impressions are sold through real-time bidding.

B.It is sold through an agreement, contract, or insertion order.

C.Clients can choose the specific context or location.

D.Packages are pre-sold and quaranteed.

16. How many types of dynamic remarketing lists are available to an advertiser?

A.1 List

B.3 Lists

C.5 Lists

D.10 Lists

17. Tailspin Toys are creating their first Microsoft Audience Network campaign. What is the minimum number of images they will need in order to do this?

A.1 Image

B.2 Images

C.3 Images

D.5 Images

18. A unique audience target on the Microsoft Audience Network is LinkedIn Profile Targeting. Select all available LinkedIn targets. Select all that apply.


B.Job function



19. In the programmatic method of selling display advertising, which statements describe pricing? Select all that apply.

A.A set number of impressions is pre-sold.

B.It is sold automatically through a digital marketplace.

C.Each impression can vary in price.

D.It takes place through an auction.

20. When using the Facebook Import tool, you can import multiple campaigns at a time.



21. Where can you use the Facebook Import tool?

A.Only in the United States and Canada

B.Only in the United States

C.Countries where Microsoft Audience campaigns are available

D.All countries globally

22. In dynamic remarketing, which of the following statements are true regarding past buyers lists? Select all that apply.

A.They require customized universal event tracking set up correctly for that product

B.They ensure ads for that product are shown again to the buyer

C.They are refreshed within minutes

D.They have past buyers automatically added

23. Contoso Furniture is running an online campaign with video ads and paying on a cCPV basis. What does “cCPV” stand for?

A.Cost-per completed visit

B.Cost-per completed view

C.Clicks-per completed view

D.Clicks-per completed visit

24. Frank is creating a shopping feed-based audience campaign for his online store, Frank’s Tools. After selecting ‘Create Campaign’ in the Microsoft Advertising User Interface, what should Frank select next?

A.Visits to my business location

B.Sell products from your catalog

C.Conversions in my website

D.Visits to my website

25. Which signals are used to anchor relevancy for search campaigns expanded to the Microsoft Audience Network? Select all that apply.

A.User’s credit card information




26. What are common display advertising key performance indicators? Select all that apply

A.Query share

B.Click-through rate

C.Number of impressions delivered

D.Number search engine result page loads

27. Which of the following are forms of display advertising? Select all that apply.

A.Expanded text ads

B.Video ads

C.Display ads

D.Native ads

28. Microsoft Audience Network brand-safe sites include MSN, Outlook.com and Microsoft.com.



29. Mike wants to use filters in reports to be able to view the performance of Audience Ads in the campaign performance report. Which column is added to be able to view this?

A.Goal type

B.Goal category

C.Campaign type

D.Ad distribution

30. What is the aspect ratio of an ad?

A.The ratio of width to height

B.The ratio of light to dark

C.The ratio of height to width

D.The ratio of dark to light

31. What content is disallowed in the Microsoft Audience Network creative acceptance policy but allowed in the Search policy? Select all that apply.

A.Penny stocks




32. What are the ways in which you can add images to your ads that are extended to the Microsoft Audience Network through your search campaigns? Select all that apply.

A.Auto-retrieval via the Internet

B.Image extensions

C.Auto-retrieval via your website


33. Contoso Carpets have previously run search campaigns, but now want to get started with native ads. What actions should they take before getting started on a Microsoft Audience Network campaign? Select all that apply.

A.Build a keyword list.

B.Identify their key success metrics.

C.Gather their campaign images.

D.Evaluate their bidding strategy.

34. On the Microsoft Audience Network, which products do not require age targeting?



C.Tattoos and body piercing

D.Fitness products

35. Tailspin Toys wants to use a CPA metric to measure the effectiveness of its display advertising campaigns. What does “CPA” stand for?

A.Cost per ad

B.Cost per action

C.Cost per analysis

D.Cost per audience

36. In which of the following places are display ads shown? Select all that apply.

A.Social media websites

B.Mobile apps

C.The ‘mainline’ of search engine results pages

D.News websites

37. Microsoft Audience Network Campaign performance data can be viewed by day and hour in the ad schedule tab in the Microsoft Advertising Ul.

A.The dimensions tab

B.Segment functionality

C.View through conversions

D.Publisher website report

38. Marco is interested in tracking when people who were shown an ad and didn’t click on it, but still went on to purchase at a later date. Using which feature in the Microsoft Audience Network can Marco track this?

A.The dimensions tab

B.Segment functionality

C.View through conversions

D.Publisher website report

39. Which of the following are display advertising metrics? Select all that apply.

A.Cost per action

B.Cost per page

C.Conversion rate

D.Cost per click

40. Which of the following is a way to gather images for your Microsoft Audience Network campaign?

A.Remarketing lists

B.Shopping campaigns

C.Universal event tracking tags

D.Expanded text ads

41. Contoso Insurance is running a Microsoft Audience Network campaign and wants to see how they’re performing across a variety of devices. For which devices can they pull this performance data? Select all that apply.

A.Smart TVs




42. Why is display advertising effective? Select all that apply.

A.You only ever pay when someone clicks on your ad.

B.It is a text-only format.

C.It builds brand awareness.

D.It drives conversions.

43. When extending a search campaign to the Microsoft Audience Network, what is the maximum audience ads negative bid adjustment?





44. In which pricing model does an advertiser pay for every thousand impressions?

A.Cost per view

B.Cost per mille

C.Cost per acquisition

D.Cost per click

45. With Microsoft Advertising, you can use dynamic remarketing for which of the following? Select all that apply.

A.Without customizing the standard universal event tracking tag

B.For search campaigns

C.Without a Microsoft Merchant Center Store

D.For Microsoft Audience Network campaigns

46. Ayushi is creating a dynamic remarketing list for the Microsoft Audience Network. What is the membership duration range Ayushi can specify?

A.1 – 14 days

B.1 – 60 days

C.1 – 90 days

D.1 – 180 days

47. Contoso Cameras wants to run image based ads across the brand safe properties of the MSN website, the Microsoft Edge browser, and Outlook.com. Which ad solution from Microsoft Advertising should Contoso Cameras use?

A.Product ads with Microsoft Shopping

B.Flyer extensions

C.Dynamic Search Ads

D.Microsoft Audience Network Audience Ads

48. Contoso Fitness Company’s new Microsoft Audience Network campaign has been running for a few weeks and they want to review its performance. What are the ways in which they can do this? Select all that apply.

A.In Change History in the Microsoft Advertising User Interface

B.In Settings in the Microsoft Advertising User Interface

C.Through the Reporting tab

D.Directly in the Microsoft Advertising User Interface in the campaign grid

49. Contoso Fresh Food is running a Microsoft Audience Network campaign. When you click on one of their ads, where are you redirected?

A.A Bing search engine result page

B.Sponsored articles

C.Sponsored content

D.Contoso Fresh Food’s website

50. Online video ads are not classified as display advertising.



51. Which buying models are used in the Microsoft Audience Network? Select all that apply.

A.Cost per thousand impressions

B.Cost per click

C.Cost per view (Video)

D.Cost per acquisition

52. In the programmatic method of selling display advertising, how is pricing set?

A.The price of each impression can vary significantly in a real time bidding auction.

B.The price of each impression is guaranteed before the campaign.

C.The price of each impression is fixed and agreed upon.

D.The price of each impression remains constant throughout the campaign.

53. You can obtain images for your Microsoft Audience Network campaigns using which resources? Select all that apply.

A.TikTok import

B.Shutterstock images

C.Getty images

D.Google Import

54. Nick is logged into the Microsoft Advertising User Interface and wants to import his campaigns from Facebook into the Microsoft Audience Network. What is the correct order in which these steps need to be taken to complete the import? Organize the options in the correct order.

A.Access the Import Tab in the Microsoft Advertising User Interface

B.Select ‘Import from Facebook Ads’

C.Sign in to your Facebook account

D.Select your Facebook account

55. Microsoft Audience Network offers a detailed publisher report showing every domain driving traffic to your campaigns.



56. Denise is running dynamic remarketing campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network. She can also use this feature for her search campaigns.



57. A customer is searching for a new pair of running shoes. They add a pair of shoes to their cart but then leave the site. Which scenario occurs as a result of dynamic remarketing?

A.Ads showing socks from the shoe company are shown to the customer.

B.Ads featuring the same pair of running shoes are shown to the customer.

C.Ads showing shoes from a competitor are shown to the customer.

D.Ads featuring similar running shoes are shown to the customer.

58. Which of the following statements are true of view through conversions? Select al that apply.

A.It is a powerful way to understand ad performance.

B.It can help understand platform performance vs. other publishers.

C.It is based upon viewing an ad and a conversion happening later.

D.It is a conversion that happens after a user clicks on an ad.

59. In the direct or guaranteed method of selling display advertising, how is pricing set?

A.The price varies by impression.

B.The price is fixed and agreed upon.

C.The price is set in an auction.

D.The price is set in real time.

60. Why is the Microsoft Audience Network brand safe? Select all that apply.

A.All ads follow strict Microsoft editorial guidelines.

B.Ads serve alongside user generated content.

C.Integral Ad Science (IAS) protection is layered on.

D.There is full site transparency and opt-out functionality.

61. What does vCPM stand for?

A.Volume cost per mille

B.Viewable cost per mille

C.Volume cost per million

D.Viewable cost per million

62. What are the primary lengths, or durations, of video ads? Select all that apply.

A.6 seconds

B.15 seconds

C.30 seconds

D.60 seconds

63. Amanda is applying targeting to her Microsoft Audience Network campaign. Which types of bidding are available? Select al that apply.

A.Cost per acquisition bidding

B.Target and bid

C.Bid only

D.Bidding by name and email address

64. Claudine wants to import campaigns from Facebook into the Microsoft Audience Network. Which targets can be imported using the Facebook Import tool? Select all that apply.



C.Audience lists


65. Monica wants to view the performance of her Microsoft Audience Network campaiqns. What are ways in which Monica can do this? Select al that apply.

A.In the Ul campaign/ad group table grid

B.In the keyword planner

C.Reports in the reports tab

D.On Microsoft.com

66. Which of the following brand safe sites are included in the Microsoft Audience Network? Select all that apply.



C.Microsoft Edge


67. Meredith is creating a Microsoft Audience Network campaign and is selecting images. Which of the following statements are Microsoft Audience Network image requirements that Meredith must adhere to? Select all that apply.

A.The accepted file types are JPG, PNG, or GIF.

B.The text must be both embedded in and overlay the image.

C.The image must be high resolution.

D.The image must adhere to the Microsoft Audience Network policy.

68. To get started with the Microsoft Audience Network, Contoso Snacks will need a minimum of 3 images: a 1200 x 628, a 300 x 250, and a 728 x 90.



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