2023 Microsoft Exam questions and answers for Passing Score Free Updated



2023 Microsoft Exam questions

Exam Details: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/browse-all-certifications.aspx

Exam name: MCSE Certification

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of questions: 40-60

Passing score: 70%

Validated against: Microsoft

Format: Multiple choice

Exam price: 150USD

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1. Amit was working as a contract project manager for a company, his contract was for managing a project that involves 40 client computer with 8 servers on the network. As per record, it takes 10 hours for getting a complete setup for a client computer on the network. On the other hand, time taken for installing, testing and finalizing a server is near about 15 hours. On the basis of this record, a schedule of the work to be performed by Amit is made. Which technique is used for the following estimation schedule?

A. Parametric modeling

B. Schedule performance index.

C. Analogous estimation 

D. Bottom-up estimation

Explanation- Analogous estimation means the estimation which is based on the previous record, event and activity. This estimation is passed by the ancestors of the company for the next future generations. This estimation is reported continuously though has a less accuracy then other estimation technique it is considered as an experienced judgment. We can’t consider the bottom of estimation has a correct answer because in the bottom of estimating technique the data which is focused is bottom level data like schedule activity of the lowest level or the cost of smallest individual working packages. Coming to parametric modeling estimation technique this was also not a correct option because in this estimation technique features of the project is used for taking out the project cost. Schedule performance index means the efficiency of the project on the basis of estimated future performance and it is just the vice versa of the condition mentioned in the question.


2. There are hundreds of stakeholders in your organization. There is various demand from different types of stakeholders time to time such as stakeholders who are end-user need quarterly update whereas stakeholders working as function manager needs a weekly update. Where this record is maintained for the communication requirements of different stakeholders.

A. Project reporting structure

B. Project scope management plan

C. Project schedule

D. Project communication plan

Explanation- the documents in which we define or record the information which is needed and the timing when it should be spread for particular stakeholders and the demand of stakeholder for communication are all mentioned in this document which is called as Project Communication Plan. Project scope management plan cannot be a correct option because it defines the scope in which management related data is maintained like how the scope is created, how it is validated, etc. Project reporting structure mentions the record of the person who reports to the company, not of the person to whom company must report. Hence this is vice versa document and cannot be selected as the correct option. The project schedule is a totally different thing as it mentions the timing for the activity to occur in the project lifecycle. Hence the correct option is Project Communication Management Plan.


3. For mentioning the project team member’s relationship with the project graphically which of the following documents is made?

A. Project charter

B. Project scope statement

C. Project team directory

D. Project organization chart

E. None of the above

F. All of the above

Explanation- project organization chart documents that is a diagrammatic representation in the form of a graph that focuses and picture out the relationship of the project with the team members working in that project. It is a diagrammatic representation that shows the different working level of the company from a higher level to submit level to a lower level. Project team directory is the document in which the particular team members list is mentioned with the different roles they perform in the project and the communication information the company had with them. The project charter is the legal documents that help the whole and sole of the project. In project charter the availability for the resources in an organization that can be applied for project activity for maximum benefit. And it is generally useful for project manager hence this can’t be the correct option. The project scope statement is a brief description of every smallest thing of the project. It includes every small description of work to be performed this document is about the process to be followed in the project such as what is the target, how to achieve the targeted. Hence this cannot be considered as the right option.


4. You are working as a business analyst in the organization and you a working partner Mr. Yummies needs the information about the complete process, planning or budget, etc. and the business analysis approach from you as you are the business analyst of your organization. Do you think is it important to have a business analysis approach plan complete? Describe the reason for it. 

A. Yes. Creating a business analysis approach will inform you about the different approaches for performing business analysis and will describe how to select one out of them.

B. No, this can be discussed orally

C. Yes, this will clearly have mentioned the budget required. Budget is the whole and sole of any business

D. No, this is the wastage of time because we must be firm about our decision.

Explanation- one must have every option, chances, opportunity available for any business house. So this is important to have business analysis business plan. There is a difference in discussing the things orally and discussing it on the paper some of the time things spilled from our mind. Hence this is not a correct option. Business analysis approach not only mentioned the budget but also mentioned the various activities, processes to run the business successfully. Hence we cannot say option C is the correct option Because the reason is not just about budget. It is not necessary that the situation in the market will be according to our approach we must be available with various options.


5. I am a business analyst and I am planning to have a workshop for 25 stakeholders. My aim for taking this workshop is for technical improvement and the requirements of advanced software for the organization. How to begin the workshop so that we can have our elicitation process smoothly?

A. First business opportunity must be told in the workshop.

B. Firstly the ground rules of the workshop must be mentioned

C. Firstly the requirements for Elicitation process must be mentioned

D. Sorting out the most important stakeholders in the list of 25

Explanation- for any of the event to be organized we must first mention the ground rules of that event. Ground rules include how the Elicitation process will take place, how the requirements for the Elicitation process must be verified, etc. Business opportunity must be mentioned before the workshop so that everyone can have their views clear regarding the purpose of the workshop. Hence this is the incorrect option. Option C is an incorrect option because it is no use for stakeholders to understanding the requirements of the elicitation process beyond the workshop meeting. Importance of stakeholder does not mean anything in this workshop because their ranking is of no use for running the meeting smoothly.


6. For having the effective process there are the three values of the creative thinking process that Determine the effective process from the below-mentioned measurements which of the following is not the value of effective creative thinking.

A. Innovation and application of new ideas to solve the problem in existence.

B. Generation of a pre-determined number of a new idea for business solutions

C. Having a positive report by applying new ideas and creating innovation

D. Wish of the stakeholders for accepting these new approaches

Explanation- innovation and application of new ideas to solve the problem in existence, having a positive report by applying the new ideas and creating innovation and wish of the stakeholders for accepting this new approaches all these three options are the measurements of effective creative thinking and generation of pre-determined number of new ideas for business solutions is not an effective measurements of creative thinking because it is future successor can be termed as deemed success. Hence option B is the correct option.


7. There is two business analyst in an organization. They both are working on two materials that are whole and sole of the next project. They are performing various types of practice with that material by testing them and knowing the result and then comparing both of the results. After this process, it will be easy for two business analyst to choose the best materials for the next project. What process is performed by two of analysts by performing his job regarding these two material?

A. Stress test

B. Feasibility test

C. Benchmarking

D. Alternative identification.

Explanation- In this above-mentioned condition, the two business analyst was comparing two materials for the next project. In the process of benchmarking the above-mentioned condition is executed that is comparing two or more materials and selecting which one is the best for the upcoming project. Hence the correct option is benchmarking. Whereas alternative identification means knowing all the possibility that can be performed for the upcoming project with various solutions. The stress test is not a term used in business analysis. Hence this cannot be the correct option. Coming to the feasibility study, it determines the deep study of the available options in terms of cost risk, resources available in the company, schedule, and various other factors. Hence this option doesn’t suit the condition mentioned above.


8. Anita was working in its company as a project manager. There were new developers available for the completion of her project. Which process she was able to perform or was performing?

A. Acquire project team

B. Develop project team

C. Human resource planning

D. Manage project team


Acquire project team means the process in which people or human resource is required for completing the project. Acquire project team comes under the project human resource management knowledge area and considered as a one of the group out of nine knowledge area groups.

Human resource planning is the incorrect option because human resource planning includes the work of managing the staff, maintaining documentation of project work, etc.

Develop a project team is also an incorrect option because it involves the working in which the staff is encouraged affecting the performance of the work.

Manage a project team is also an incorrect option because it includes the work like solving the issues in d team, interacting one with another, for checking the performance of the work, etc.

Hence the correct option was acquiring project team


9. The company has shubham as a project stakeholder who is always deliberate for the project of the company and want to do it for the company. If we see shubham we find him very supportive, always helping the company with a good source of information and is all time available to help out for the company’s project. From this mentioned information, shubham can be called as ………… For the company.

A. Team member

B. Sponsor of the project

C. Cheerleader

D. Positive stakeholder


Positive stakeholder means the person who always thinks for the success of your project. Whereas negative stakeholder means the person who is against the success of your project.  As shubham was favoring out in our project all the time he will be considered as a positive stakeholder.

 Shubham can’t be a team member because in the given information it is mentioned nowhere that his work contributes to the deliverable action of the project. Hence it is the wrong option

And no doubt he is a cheerleader but there is no such term used in project management

And there are various other terms required for being a sponsor and none of them is mention

Hence the correct option is a positive stakeholder


10. Among the below-mentioned case, which one is the most profitable case for business?

  1.       Maintain proper inventory Ice 100% accurate to avoid wastage.
  2.        For better reviews from customer increase customer satisfaction
  3.        Provide a better connection between order-entry and warehouse staff
  4.        Reduce maintenance cost

Explanation: all the other three options i,e  For better reviews from customer increase customer satisfaction, Provide a better connection between order-entry and warehouse staff and

Reduce maintenance cost are no doubt is profitable for business but if we measure the quantity the maximum benefit will be there from option a.


11. There is a requirement of a stakeholder named Tommy. He wants that there must be proper management of schedule by the system. Whereas the glossary of the project does not have a description for the verb management. It may be possible that the management team is broken down in the document ahead. So it was thought that the requirement must be updated once. The reason for updating is

1. The requirement is not clear

2. It’s not atomic

3. It is not possible to understand it

4. It is not possible to test it.

Explanation: the requirement is clear and is possible to understand also. On the other hand, it is possible to taste. Hence the thing that is true is it is not atomic. Hence the correct option is b.


12. There is a business analyst Mr. Amar for the project. Stallholder wants to have a change in the baseline requirement of the project. For this Mr. Amar will

A. Decline stalk holder’s request saying that the baseline is already ready

B. He will not find it of any use and hence won’t change it

C. Will accept the request of a stakeholder 

D. Will refuse the request telling him that it is not possible to do it now. Deadline is over

Explanation: everything must go according to a process, norms, and regulations. Stakeholder has due respect and priority in the organization. Hence Mr. Amar has to accept his request and change the baseline requirement of the project.


13. In the context diagram of the organization, the business analyst does not need to mention the following

A. The logic of the process in detail

B. Interfaces

C. The persons using the system

D. Reference of the standards used

Explanation: context model is the diagram used at a high level it does not needs the detailing of the process. It needs the results and reported things. Hence the things included in context diagram are Interfaces, the persons using the system and Reference of the standards used


14. There is a business analyst Mr. Jay for the project. His project gives priority to the requirements on the basis of working going on or implementations efforts. On what basis the priority is set?

A. Type of requirement

B. Cost

C. Profit

D. Requestor

Explanation: cost is considered as the first prior. Because efforts and cost have a relationship.

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