Online courses and certification for estheticians 2023 (Updated)



Online courses and certification for estheticians 2023 – 2024

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Are There Online Esthetician Programs?

The majority of beauty schools, technical schools and community colleges only offer on-campus diploma, certificate and associate’s degree programs in esthetics because of the hands-on nature of the training. Thus, esthetician school online is rare. However, some esthetics programs combine traditional learning with esthetician courses online. Courses in physiology and anatomy of the human skin, business, law, sanitation, salon management and communications can be delivered in an online format and are a part of certain esthetician programs.

Online esthetician programs allow for students to complete coursework virtually, which can be advantageous for some students. Esthetician classes online allow for students to study from their home and work around busy schedules that may include a full time job and family obligations.

Free esthetician classes aren’t possible and most programs will have a fee. An important part of choosing an esthetician school online or in person is examining the cost needed up front.

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Esthetician Courses Online

The following areas of study are commonly covered in esthetician certificate and diploma courses.

esthetician courses online
  • Skin care and therapy: This online course will address skin physiology and disorders, in addition to skin products and applications.
  • Skin analysis and massage: This course can cover exfoliation, face massage methods, facial mask applications and face cleansing techniques.
  • Cosmetic chemistry: Study information about skin biology, cell physiology, emulsions and skin products.
  • Make-up application and color theory: Review techniques for applying foundation and eye makeup as well as application tools and skin colors.
  • Medical terminology: Go over medical terms and meanings for words and phrases that would commonly be used in all areas of the medical field for medical transcription purposes.
  • Introduction to therapeutic massage: Learn about massage therapy objectives and principles and various massage methods and techniques.
  • Nail care: Get basic information about manicures and pedicures as well as nail structures, nail diseases and disorders, cuticle treatments and cracked nail repair.

Can You Get an Esthetician License or Certification Online?

Each state has specific licensing requirements for estheticians that include coursework, hours in training and passing a state exam. After these requirements have been met, the candidate can apply for licensure. However, esthetician training online is not completely possible. The hours in training and exam must be completed in person and thus finishing the esthetician certification online only is not possible.

Typically other requirements for licensure are a high school diploma or GED, being at least 16 years of age and graduation from an accredited state-licensed school with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in each course. The license exam generally consists of a written exam, oral exam and a skills assessment test. Continuing education courses are often required for license renewal.

Although parts of esthetician school is online, it’s not possible to complete the entire esthetician license process online.

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