2023 LinkedIn – Search Engine Optimization Skill Assessment Answers Free



2023 LinkedIn Skill Assessment Answers

Exam URL: https://www.linkedin.com/skill-assessments/Search%20Engine%20Optimization%20(SEO)/quiz-intro/

1.When developing a backlink strategy, what approach would be most beneficial?

  • Guest post the article to as many sites as possible
  • Create an infographics and share it with relevant bloggers
  • Create diverse and unnatural links
  • Distribute links in comment sections of websites

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2.What is a key reason the URL domain.com/apparel/jackets is preferable to the URL domain.com/p=141?

  • It is longer
  • It is not preferable
  • It uses structured markup
  • It is readable to a human

3.Which HTTP response status code would indicate a page has been moved permanently?

  • 410
  • 302
  • 200
  • 301

4.You notice a website is serving HTML to a Search Engine than to a human user. What is this an example of?

  • Spam injection
  • Cloaking
  • Sneaky Redirect
  • Splicing

5.What would significantly improve Google’s ability to a non-YouTube video in its Search Results?

  • Provide a 150 x 80 pixel thumbnail image
  • Add Schema.org VideoObject
  • Convert .mp4 videos to .mov
  • Embed video objects with JavaScript conditionals

6.Google primarily determines indexing and ranking by crawling which version of a page?

  • Responsive version
  • Submitted version
  • Mobile version
  • Desktop version

7. You want to identify which US state has the most search interest for a particular keyword. What tool would help you determine this?

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Trends

8.You want to block crawlers from accessing your entire website. What robots.txt entry would you use?

  • markdown User-agent: Allbots Disallow: \* “` ““
  • markdown User-agent: / Disallow: \* “` ““
  • markdown User-agent: / Disallow: “` ““
  • markdown User-agent: \* Disallow: / “` ““

9. Which results is most likely if you use an interstitial pop-up that requires a user to take action before you load the content of the page?

  • Both the pop-up and the content of the page will be indexed
  • The pop-up will be indexed instead of the desired body content
  • An interstitial pop-up is treated the same as a soft 404
  • The pop-up will be ignored, and the content of the page will be indexed correctly

10.You notice a particular product in an e-commerce storefront is no longer indexed despite no technical issues. What is a likely reason for this?

  • No title or meta description tags were provided
  • The Keywords is too competitive
  • Robots.txt is configured to allow access
  • The product is out of stock

11.Which approach is not advisable to Geo-targeting your website?

  • Using a gTLD with subdomain
  • using URL parameters
  • Using a ccTLD
  • Using a gTLD with a subdirectory

12.You have been asked to help a big e-commerce brand optimize their website for search engines. They currently have thousands of products listed on their website. What is your most appropriate first step?

  • Recommend that they add more products
  • WOrd on compressing image files
  • 302 redirect all product pages to URL that contains target keywords
  • 302 redirect all product ages to a URL that contains target keywords
  • Register the business with a Google My Business account.

13.What Does The Term “Sandbox” Mean In SEO?

  • The Box With Paid Ads That Appear When You Perform A Search.
  • This Is Where Sites Are Kept Till They Get Mature Enough To Be Included In The Top Rankings For A Particular Keyword
  • A Special Category Of Sites That Are Listed In Kid-safe Searches
  • The First 10 Search Results For A Particular Keyword.

14.What Is Anchor Text?

  • It Is The Main Body Of Text On A Particular Web Page
  • It Is The Text Within The Left Or Top Panel Of A Web Page
  • It Is The Visible Text That Is Hyper Linked To Another Page
  • It Is The Most Prominent Text On The Page That The Search Engines Use To Assign A Title To The Page

15.Which Google search query should be used to return only PDF documents that reference Microsoft?

  • Microsoft + .pdf
  • “Microsoft” + “pdf”
  • Microsoft AND “pdf”
  • Microsoft filetype:pdf

16.Which link is not crawlable?

  • <a href=”http://domain.com”>
  • <a onclick=”newwin(‘domain.com’)”>
  • <a href=”http://domain.com” class=”blue”>
  • <a href=”../category-2/page”>

17.Which choice represents the best header structure?

  • markdown H1: How to Bak Bagels H2: Ingredients H3: Dry Ingredients H4: Wet Ingredients H2: Instructions H6: Reviews “` ““
  • markdown H1: How to Bak Bagels H1: Ingredients H1: Dry Ingredients H1: Wet Ingredients H1: Instructions H2: Reviews “` ““
  • markdown H1: How to Bak Bagels H2: Ingredients H3: Dry Ingredients H3: Wet Ingredients H2: Instructions H2: Reviews “` ““
  • markdown H1: How to Bak Bagels H2: Ingredients H4: Dry Ingredients H5: Wet Ingredients H6: Instructions H1: Reviews “` ““

18.All byline dates articles are suddenly no longer visible on a website’s listing within Google Search. Assuming no changes have been made to the site programming or content, what is the most likely cause?

  • The site has been delisted from Google Search
  • The site kept updating the date to make the content appear fresh, without changing the content.
  • The articles have aged more than 365 days without any significant updates to the content or the site.
  • A Google New sitemap was not provided within 30 days of setting up a Publisher Center account

19.All bylone dates for articles are suddenly no longer visible on a website’s listing within Google Search. Assuming no changes have been made to the site programming or content, what is the most likely cause?

  • The site has been delisted from Google Search
  • A Google News sitemap was not provided within 30 days of setting up a publisher center account
  • The site kept updating the dates to make the content appear fres, without changing
  • The articles have aged more than 365 days without any significant updates to the content or the site

20.When creating accessible video content, what should you consider including?

  • transcript
  • thumbnail
  • Flash Player
  • event tracking

21.You are optimizing a website that sells supplies for banking donuts. Which approach is most appropriate to drive more organic traffic?

  • Buy donutbakingsupplies.com and 301 redirect to your website
  • Add the keyword “donut supplies” to every page.
  • Create a new blog with high-quality donut recipes
  • Join a link farm to rapidly build inbounnd links.

22. Why is it important to be mindful of outbound follow links?

  • There is a limit to how many links you can create.
  • all of these answers
  • Any follow links reduce your PageRank by 1.
  • Your site’s reputation is tied to the sites you link to.

23.Which statement is true about JSON-LD?

  • It has no relation to JSON.
  • It is the only structured data format available.
  • It is considered the most complicated approach to adding structured data.
  • It is Google’s preferred structured data format.

24.What is a key reason why duplicate content might cause an issue with ranking?

  • It creates an inability to use canonical URLs, which dramatically reduces crawl effectiveness,
  • It requires using a 302 redirect, which dilutes PageRank.
  • It triggers an immediate manual action penalty, which delists an entire domain until the duplicate content is removed.
  • It makes it difficult for a search engine to determine the original and authoritative content source.

25.What attribute would you use to describe the content of an image?

  • tabindex
  • longdesc
  • src
  • alt

26.You are researching keywords for a client and creating list for an optimization plan. Which is not a recommended method of creating keyword lists?

  • synonyms and related words
  • queries about benefits, features, problems
  • how-to and question-based queries
  • focusing on only high-volume, high-popularity words

27.You want to get a rough idea of how many searches per month a particular search term gets. Which tool do you use?

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Suggest

28.Changing the title tag and/or meta description will have a measurable impact on your ____.

  • RSS
  • CTR
  • PPC
  • LSI

29.How do keywords change as people progress through the buying cycle?

  • They move from simple to more complex as searchers gather more information and then refine their choices.
  • The stay simple, as searchers try to use as few words as possible.
  • The keywords do not change much at all.
  • They move from complex to simple, as searchers find answers to their questions.

30. Which technique is an example of black hat SEO?

  • cloaking
  • keyword research
  • useful content
  • on-page optimization

31. A local accountant wants to start attracting more business directly from Google organic search. What is the best piece of advice to give to her?

  • Use the pharse “local accountant” as a keyword to focus her website on.
  • Focus on short-tail keywords.
  • Register her business with a Google My Business account.
  • Leave a link to her website in the blog comments of popular accounting websites.

32.What is the anchor text in this code sample?

Q. What is the anchor text in this code sample?

<a href=”catalog/gloves.html”>Blue Gloves</a>

  • Blue Gloves
  • href
  • catalog/
  • gloves.html

33.________ analysis allows you to review requests made to your web server to identify insights such as how ofter a crawler arrives, what pages have 404 errors, and most crawled pages

  • Log file
  • HTTP/2
  • Cron job
  • Resource packet

34.Which page title references content that is evergreen

  • Mega List of Teams Going to the Olympics
  • Complete Coverage of Microsoft’s Latest Announcement
  • The Future of SEO in 2020
  • How to Reheat Pizza

35. You load a page and start reading an article, and suddenly the content on the page moves. What metric is used to quantify this impact on user experience?

  • First Meaningful Paint (FMP)
  • Recalculated Style Timing (RST)
  • Latent Loading Signal (LLS)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

36.What is this code is an example of?

Q. What is this code is an example of?

“@context”: “https://schema.org”,
“@type”: “Organization”,
“url”: “http://www.domain.com”,
“name”: “Bradley Corp.”,
“contactPoint”: {
“@type”: “ContactPoint”,
“telephone”: “+1-555-555-5555”,
“contactType”: “Customer service”

  • meta tag
  • HTTP response
  • XML sitemap
  • structured data

37. Which search query would be most difficult to determine search intent?

  • XBox live coupon
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • LinkedIn login
  • LAX airport directions

38.When you conduct a search, what are the bolded words within the search listing description?

  • suggested search terms
  • related search queries
  • keywords that match the search query
  • words with a tag assigned in their meta description

39.Which acronym is used to describe the page a user sees after submitting a search?

  • SERT (Search Engine Results Page)
  • INDX
  • PARS
  • SEM

40. Which statement is true regarding the use of social signals, such as LinkedIn shares, by Google in its ranking algorithm?

  • Google does not use social signals to determine rank
  • Social signals are identical to backlinks
  • Social signals are used to determine topic authority
  • Social signals proide a benefit only if they have structured data markup

41. A user clicks an internal link resulting in this redirect chain: http://domain.com -> https://domain.com -> https://domain.com/. In this example, what is being consumed unnecessarily?

  • redirect allotment
  • crawl budget
  • velocity scale
  • domain authority

42.You are planning for the development of an e-commerce website. Which approach will be more beneficial for rankings?

  • Optimize the front page of your website to drive traffic from all category search terms.
  • Optimize product category pages to drive traffic from individual category search terms.
  • Optimize all pages on the site for all category search terms.
  • Optimize product pages to drive traffic from individual category search terms.

43.You want to block crwlers from accessing your entire website. What robots.txt entry would you use?

  • User-agent: Allbots Disallow: * “` ““
  • User-agent: / Disallow: * “` ““
  • User-agent: * Disallow: “` ““
  • User-agent: * Disallow: / “` ““

44.What is the relationship of click depth to PageRank?

  • The deeper the click depth, the lower the PageRank
  • PageRank and click depth have no relation
  • The deeper the click depth, the higher the PageRank
  • Click depth and PageRank are equal

45. What is a popular technique for writing content with the goal of having it appear in a features snippet?

  • Write the question in a headline tag, and then answer it below in a format that matches the snippet type.
  • Use the features snippet schema and apply an object that matches the correct snippet type.
  • Google manually generates featured snippets, so there is no special technique.
  • Submit the content through Google Search Console, and tag it with the correct snippet type.

46.What is an example of a Google search result that can be found in position zero?

  • Google Ads result
  • featured snippet
  • autocomplete
  • related searches

47.Which approach is not advisable to geotargeting your website?

  • using a gTLD with a subdirectory
  • using URL parameters
  • using a gTLD with subdomain
  • using a ccTLD

48.What is a common best practice for handling search result pages on a blog’s built-in site search?

  • Set site research results to no-index.
  • Do not use site search.
  • Set site search to 404.
  • Add a canonical from the search result page to the home page.

49.What is the best way to provide a search engine with crawl instructions?

  • Use the tag.
  • Use the search engine’s Remove URL tool.
  • Use a robots.txt file.
  • Use structured data

50.Why might using a subdirectory in place of a subdomain be beneficial?

  • Using a subdirectory is never preferable to using a subdomain.
  • The subdirectory will allow for keyword dilution.
  • The subdirectory will benefit from the backlinks the domain has acquired.
  • The subdirectory is better for the end user experience.

51.Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines describe that experts should write content, especially YMYL content. This is one of the principles seen in the commonly used acronym__

  • A.C.E
  • L-E-A-F
  • T.R.U.S.T.E.D
  • E-A-T

52. You are optimizing a large e-commerce website. Which strategy will likely yield the most organic traffic?

  • Launch a Smart Shopping Campaign in Google Ads.
  • Optimize the home page of your website.
  • Optimize each product page with a unique product-specific keyword.
  • Optimize your product category pages.

53.What is a common benefit to long-tail keywords?

  • They are less competitive, and may have higher conversion rates.
  • Long-tail keywords are no longer relevant in today’s SEO landscape.
  • They are less grandular, so you capture broader searches.
  • They are more competitive, but drive significantly more traffic.

54.Blog author pages, each with only one sentence about the author, are at risk of being flagged as _ content.

  • non-indexable
  • irrelevant
  • biased
  • thin

55. Your client is ready to start a blog. but has read that they should put the blog on a subdomain instead of subdirectory in order to create more external links to their website. How would you advise your client about this strategy?

  • Not only should the blog be on a subdomain, but each of the major navigation areas should be on separate subdomains in order to increase the number and value of the links into the primary domain.
  • It is best to have the blog on a subdirectory and build links to primary domain.
  • It is an advisable choice as it will enable interlinking between the domains and increase the number of links.
  • The blog should be on a separate URL to avouud building too many links between the same domain or IP.

56.What tool enables companies to display extra information within the natural search results without the need of any structured data?

  • Google Input Tools
  • structured data testing tool
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google My Business

57. The search query “How to make donuts without yeast” is an example of what?

  • fresh keyword
  • operative keyword
  • short-tail keyword
  • long-tail keyword

58.A user enters a search _ to retrieve results from a search engine?

  • query
  • parser
  • bar
  • link

59. What should be as consistent as possible across the web when developing a local SEO strategy?

  • backlinks
  • NAP
  • LRP
  • inbound links

60.What would contribute to a low bounce rate?

  • Content does not match search intent.
  • Page returns 404 error.
  • Content reflects search intent.
  • URL uses parameters.

61.When would it be necessary to 301 redirect every page on a site?

  • when parameters are used in URLs
  • when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS
  • when launching a new redesign
  • when creating a new subdomain

62. According to Google, what type of content includes topics such as news, legal issues, financial advice, and medical information?

  • RSS
  • KYC
  • YMYL
  • BDB

63.What data vocabulary is most commonly used when marking up content on a page?

  • vocabulary.org
  • RDFa.org
  • schema.org
  • data-vocabulary.org

64. Your site serves identical content when you visit domain.com/page or domain.com/page?ref=123. What should you implement?

  • parameter stripping
  • URL cloaking
  • a 302 redirect
  • a rel=canonical link

65.What alt attribute should be assigned to an image of a decorative line being used to separate content

  • alt=””
  • alt=”Thin black line being used to seperate two blocks of content”
  • alt=”dec”
  • alt=”thin-line”

66.A webpage has this tag: Brad’s Bagels: How to Bake a Bagel. However, the Google search result for this page displays this title: _Brad’s Bagels: Baking Bagels in the Oven_. What is a likely explanation?

  • The title tag was placed within the section of the webpage, but not before the meta content tags, so Google cannot identify the actual title.
  • The page is using structured data to define an alternative title object, which allows the search engine to pick a preferable version.
  • A breadcrumb navigation is in use, which overrides the title tag supplied in the HTML.
  • Google generated a new title using text on the page that more closely matched the search query.

67.What might help a search engine understand the difference between an article on a dog bark versus tree bark?

  • tertiary analysis
  • ranked choice trees
  • semantic analysis
  • knowledge graphs

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