You are currently viewing Universities offering free online forensic courses with certificates

Universities offering free online forensic courses with certificates

Universities offering free online forensic courses with certificates

Boston University

Boston University has one of the best forensic colleges to graduate from.

This school is accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE).

The school offers master’s degrees in forensic anthropology and biomedical forensics.

These programs train and equip prospective and mid-career professionals in a variety of forensic disciplines as applied to crime scene

investigations and evidence analysis. His experts trained in these areas are essential to today’s large-scale forensic investigations.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a prestigious and respected forensic college and a branch of the prestigious City University of New York (CUNY).

His College in Midtown Manhattan was founded in 1964.

John Jay offers his two major programs in forensics. master’s degree and bachelor’s degree.

University of Pennsylvania

If you’re ready to turn your interest in forensic medicine into an exciting career, the University of Pennsylvania offers a strong foundation

in your specialization.

UPenn’s comprehensive and nationally recognized Bachelor of Forensic Medicine gives you an excellent education.

In the Bachelor of Forensics course, you will learn from faculty and expert scientists with many years of professional experience.

George Washington University

George Washington University’s Department of Forensic Medicine is one of the oldest and best forensic medicine programs in the country.
offers advanced research in crime scene and forensic examination, forensic chemistry, and forensic molecular biology.
School is one of the Forensic Colleges offering about 6 programs.


Free Forensic Science Online Courses – FAQs

Do graduates with forensic science degrees have career opportunities?

There are many career opportunities for graduates with a forensic science degree.

Graduates of this major could pursue employment as a scientist in a federal, state, county, city, or private crime laboratory in public or private toxicology

or other science (Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, particle analysis, etc.) laboratories with insurance companies, intelligence, or homeland security agencies,

scientific supply companies, or the judicial community.

Can I work in a crime laboratory without a degree?

If you wish to work in a crime laboratory, you must obtain a degree where you have a sound grounding in the basic sciences of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics.

Is a master’s degree compulsory for a career in forensic science?

For most jobs, you must also have a master’s degree in biology or chemistry. A major in criminal justice is not adequate preparation for a career in forensic science.

is the degree necessary to become a forensic

No (or not necessarily). Most law enforcement agencies – whether they are local, state, or federal – require a four-year degree of some kind, but not specifically

a forensic science degree.

How do I get the best forensic science agency?

If you have a specific agency in mind, it is highly recommended you check their website as to what type of

degree they might require.


Just like you see in forensic and crime investigation movies, you can obtain a degree or diploma and venture into the career at your own time just by exploring

the forensic science online courses free with a Certificate.

Universities offering free online forensic courses with certificates

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