How to Approve Adsense for a Website or Blog in 2022 – 2023 – Guide

How to Approve Adsense for a Website or Blog in 2022 – 2023 – Guide


This is a well-known fact. One of the greatest advertising networks is Google Adsense.

There are numerous rivals attempting to replicate and compete with Google’s top partner program, but Adsense clearly dominates the field.

The Adsense approval procedure is not straightforward since it is the finest.

Google wants to collaborate with the greatest people who can provide the network with high-quality material and add a lot of real value.

Today I’ll demonstrate how to obtain Adsense approval for a website or blog in 2022 – 2023 in this article.

When it comes to approving new applications for the partner program, Google AdSense is selective.

Many applicants, especially those from Asia, frequently experience rejection on their first try due to careless errors.

How to Approve Adsense

Pre-application guidelines for Google Adsense
Unique Domain
Purchasing a top-level domain like www is usually preferable. It must be paid for, not given away.

The sole exception to receiving approved for a free account is if you already have a blog on Blogger, as it is a Google product as well.

You must update your account and reapply to Google if you want to take the adsense from Blogger and apply on other websites.

How to obtain clearance for AdSense on a new website

Domain Age

The age of the domain matters. When you buy a new domain name, don’t anticipate Google to approve it right away.

Give it some time—probably between three and six months.

Web hosting

If you apply for Adsense while using a free web host, be prepared to have your application denied.

Buy a reputable host every time for your blog. Free space is ineffective.

Google anticipates that bloggers will provide high-quality material. Plagiarism-free unique content is required.

Keep in mind that every account that applies for Adsense is carefully reviewed by a person.

Privacy Statement, About Us, and Contact Us page:

One of the fundamental prerequisites for Google AdSense is the privacy page.

It informs visitors about the kinds of data you may gather, among other things.

Additionally, you provide information about yourself on your About Us page, and your Contact Us page enables users to get in touch with you.

Blog traffic at a minimum
A minimum amount of blog traffic is sufficient to apply for Adsense.

All you require is a small number of guests.

However, the traffic must originate from dependable sources like search engines and social media.

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