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Get your domain name easily with

What are Google Domains?
In order to have a website, you must first have a domain name and server. You can get them by contacting hosting companies to set up a website.

Google Domains offers you the domain name, e-mail and server services you need when setting up a website.

What are Google Domains Features?

With Google Domains, you can buy domain names and servers from Google and use Google’s professional infrastructure. Google offers users a fast and reliable infrastructure.
When you buy a domain name from any company, you have to pay to keep the domain name ownership information confidential. With Google Domains, you don’t have to pay to keep your information private. Google offers this service to you for free.
With Google Domains, email forwarding service, you can create up to 100 company emails using Gmail infrastructure.
Just like other domain providers, Google Domains also provides domain forwarding services.
With Google Domains, you can also set up subdomains. (Other domain providers do this too)
Google launched Google Domains in Turkey. I can say that the plus point of the job is to be working with a strong and secure company like Google.

Apart from that, all the features it offers are currently offered by all domain companies. So there is no extra feature.

Disadvantages of Using Google Domains

You Can Still Find Cheaper Alternatives

While Google Domains’ transparent pricing is quite competitive, you can still find cheaper alternatives for some domain extensions. This really does depend on the extension, though. For example, Google Domains is one of the most affordable options for .org domains, but pretty pricey for .io domains.

Let’s look at some examples so you can see how Google Domains stacks up:

.com domains:

  • Google Domains – $12
  • Namecheap – $10.98 ($8.88 first year)
  • GoDaddy – $17.99 ($11.99 first year)
  • – $9.99 (with a heavy upsell for privacy protection)

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