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Free eBooks: 8+ great sources to download for free

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Free eBooks: Download these 8+ great books for free!

There are so many free online books available that you might not know where to start looking for them. We’ve compiled a list of the best sites for finding free online books.

A relatively young provider, Legimi offers unlimited access to both eBooks and audiobooks for a flat fee. The range currently includes 150,000 e-books and over 10,000 of his audiobooks, including many top titles by authors such as George RR Martin, Suzanne Collins and Ken Follett. is included. Readers can use the app on tablets and smartphones (Apple, Android) or compatible eBook readers (such as inkBook’s Pocketbook).
After a 21-day free test phase, you can start reading for just €3.99. “Page Limited” pricing is only for books of 300 pages or approximately 1 book. Significantly more attractive “No-Limit” pricing allows unlimited reading and unlimited listening. An annual subscription costs 8.99 euros per month. Even without a contract period, it costs a very reasonable 9.99 euros.

Nextory Like
Legimi, Nextory also offers his eBooks and audiobooks for a fixed monthly fee. You can also test Nextory for free and without obligation for 14 days.
Subsequent subscription prices start at €9.99 per month.

Providers that also offer e-books and audiobooks on a subscription basis.
At €14.99 per month, the offer is a little high, but Storytel’s huge range is compelling: over 600,000 ebooks and audiobooks, and a lot of exclusive content. Test Storytel for 7 days and be confident of its quality and choice.

Readly is a top-class subscription service for magazines and e-paper. The range includes over
4,000 different titles, including well-known magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Sport Bild, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, as well as niche home and garden magazines. The
Journal can be accessed directly from your web browser or via our powerful mobile app. Readly is free for the first month, after that there is a monthly fee of €9.99.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg aims to make classic and public domain books available and accessible to a wide audience. German bookshelves contain thousands of books of all genres and eras. And if that’s not enough, reach out to our English bookshelf for more than
42,000 free books in every format imaginable.

zulu has hundreds of e-books available in multiple formats (pdf, epub, mobi), from fantasy classics to contemporary non-fiction, without registration. The library is fairly dense, but worth a look.

Kindle owners don’t have much choice. Amazon offers thousands of free eBooks for internal eBook readers. These can be copied directly to your device or downloaded via Whispernet. In addition to starting with Amazon’s “official free e-book page”, which focuses on classics, it’s also a good idea to take a look at the current free charts. In addition to
lifetime free e-books, Amazon also offers his Kindle Unlimited, a very attractive e-book flat rate. For a fixed monthly fee, you can access over 1 million titles, of which “only” about 100,000 titles are in German. Kindle Unlimited is free for the first month, then €9.99 per month.
Hugendubel you can find thrillers, children’s and non-fiction books for free, as well as fairy tales, legends and classics. Download is only possible after registration. Like Thalia (see below), Hugendubel belongs to the Torino network of large German bookstores offering so-called library connections. The result: For example, if you purchased Tolino from Weltbild or, you can automatically sync your free eBook purchases from Hugendubel to your cloud storage.

Thalia also offers thousands of free German e-books in its e-book shop. As with most commercial stores, registration is a bit of a hassle, but worth it for some titles. The Thalia and Hugendubel assortments are almost identical. If you already have an account with one of these providers, you can focus on it and get your free ebook.

Smashwords offers a wide range of free e-books in both German and English. However, searching for German titles will be a test of patience as no professional searches or filters are available.