5 Ways Make Money Creating A Mobile App Without Coding

5 Ways Make Money Creating A Mobile App Without Coding

Building a marketplace no-code app

Creating a platform where others can buy and sell is a reliable way to make money off your app.

You can take a tiny percentage from every transaction made.

Apps like Fiverr and Etsy are good examples.

Fiverr takes $1 for every $5 transacted between a buyer and a seller.

Think how much money that could compound when you have thousands of transactions in a day.

Business Buy-in with your no-code app

Let’s say your no-code app is built for women who like yoga, and then you manage to get thousands of them active on your app.

What will most likely happen will be Yoga apparel companies approaching you for a partnership deal.

Subscription-based no-code app

A subscription-based app can be very profitable.

The idea is to get customers who will pay a monthly or annual fee and retain them over a long period.

It is much cheaper to service old customers than to acquire new ones.

For example, if you had a music library app and you never updated the content, when customers exhaust the content you have, they will have no reason to pay for more.

A pay-to-download no-code app

Have you ever come across apps that you had to pay a small fee to download?

This is the business model, where customers are charged a fee for lifetime access to the app.

This fee can range in prices from very expensive to very small.

The downside to this model is that you can’t take advantage of how frequently the customer uses your app

Creating an ad network with your no-code app

How many apps have you been on that didn’t serve ads?

Not a lot, right? To illustrate how popular ads have become on apps,

AudioMob recently raised $14 million to expand its work on audio advertising in gaming apps.

Although this is not the most profitable way to make money with your no-code app, it’s one way.

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