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2023 Twitter Cross-Border Advertising Badge Assessment Questions Answers Free (Updated)

2023 Twitter Cross-Border Advertising Badge Assessment Questions Answers Free (Updated)

Exam Name: Twitter Cross-Border Advertising Badge

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1.You are a first-time Twitter advertiser with a highly restricted budget. Which bid type should you choose?

  • Maxinum bid
  • Auto bid
  • Target bid
  • Target cost

2.You want to promote your citrus flavored sports drink to a wider International audience on Twitter. Choose the creative best practices you can apply in your video ads.

  • Ensure clear logo placement
  • Include movement in the first few moments of your video
  • Create human connections
  • End your video with a product reveal.

3.You are the CEO of a tech startup. You are uncertain about your target audience. You want to run a reach campaign on Twitter to promote your new time management app. You SHOULD do ALL of these things EXCEPT.

  • Mass-promote your message to the largest possible audience
  • Keep your copy short and to the point
  • Don’t make changes in the first 3–5 days: give performance time to stabilize
  • Use 3+ ad formats when possible to drive greater results

4.Which campaign objective can help your brand connect with 200+ premium publishers that align with your audience’s interests?

  • Video Views
  • App Installs
  • Pre-roll Views
  • Followers

5.Which one is NOT a reason for creative localization?

  • People respond to ads that resonate with them on a personal level.
  • An effective ad in a foreign market should speak their language and reflect a genuine understanding of their culture.
  • Localizing makes your campaign feel less like a sales pitch and more like a conversation.
  • People in different countries prefer different advertising strategies.

6.What are the three steps for success in cross-border advertising?

  • Develop new creative assets
  • Choose your connect opportunity
  • Select your target market
  • Scout your competition

7.You are a content creator who creates funny videos. You want to launch a campaign on Twitter to gain more followers in Australia. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.

  • Select “followers” as your main campaign objective.
  • Select Engagement as your main campaign objective.
  • Incorporate CTAs to ask your audience to follow your account.
  • Target audience in Australia

8.What are the three simple rules of creative best practices?

  • Show your brand
  • Create visual cues
  • Include people & products
  • Keep it short & simple

9.You’re a food delivery service app, and you want to let your users know about a new “30 minutes or less” premium feature you’re launching in your app. Which campaign objective should you choose?

  • Video Views
  • App Re-engagement
  • App Installs
  • Website Traffic

10. What are the three levels of your campaign structure?

  • Audience groups
  • Ads (Tweets)
  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups

11.You are an International sportswear brand. You want to launch your campaign in several different English-speaking countries (America, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) to promote your new line of sneakers. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.

  • Use the same campaign creatives for all the aforementeioned English-speaking countries.
  • Do extensive research on the cultures and customs of the different English-speaking countries and adapt your campaign creatives accordingly.
  • Create a campaign with one ad group for all of the English-speaking countries to save your budget.
  • Create a campaign with different ad groups that apply different creatives, bid strategies, and audience criteria for different English-speaking countries.

12.In the @FootballManager example, how did @SIgames drive awareness across Europe to promote #FM21ReleaseDay?

  • They used Trend Takeover+ and artificial intelligence to gain attention and engage with their audience.
  • They used a team of gaming influencers to live stream the launch of their new initiative on Twitter.
  • They used animated GIFs that were Retweeted by fans.
  • They used Twitter Promoted Video.

13. You’re an experienced advertiser who knows how much you’re looking to pay per billable engagement at scale. Which bid type should you choose?

  • Target cost
  • Auto bid
  • Target bid
  • Maximum bid

14.Why do you need creative asset optimizations when advertising on Twitter?

  • Creative is the single most significant factor when it comes to driving sales.
  • Great creative gets noticed on Twitter
  • Your Tweet copy is an essential storytelling tool for your brand.
  • Twitter algorithm prioritizes optimized creatives

15. You want to expand your skincare brand to the markets in Germany and Austria. Currently, you only have the English version of your Twitter ad creatives. Select the right approaches to translate your English Creatives to German.

  • Translate your Twitter creatives using Google Translate.
  • Ensure your creatives are appropriately and effectively translated.
  • Test your ads among American audience with German decents.
  • Do some research on the cultures and customs in Germany and Austria.

16.What are the benefits of frequency caps?

  • Campaigns under 4 weeks see higher lifts in recall (+5%), brand awareness (+18%), and campaign awareness (+14%) than those beteen 4 and 8 weeks.
  • Campaigns with frequency caps have 16% lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and 5x lower cost per thousand unique users than campaigns without.
  • Weekly exposure drives upper-funnel brand metrics. Up to 80% of ad recall and brand awareness occurs within the first 2 exposures per week of a campaign.
  • As we move down the funnel, a slightly higher frequency is needed to drive lift: more exposures per week are needed to achieve 80% of the overall potential impact.

17.What are the three categories for objective-based campaigns on Twitter?

  • Awareness
  • Video Views
  • Conversion
  • Consideration

18.You’re about to launch your product in a new market and you want people to sign up for email updates by filling out a form on your site. Which Twitter campaign objective would help you accomplish this?

  • App Installs
  • Pre-roll Views
  • App Re-engagement
  • Website Traffic

19. You’re launching a new restaurant franchise in a new market and you want to increase overall awareness of your brand. Which objective would be best suited for your campaign?

  • Followers
  • Video Views
  • Website Traffic
  • Reach

20.You’re a French clothing brand, you want to connect with your audience in America and invite them to a join conversation on this season’s color palettes. Which Twitter campaign objective would help you accomplish this?

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Website Traffic

21.What are the benefits of having different ad groups in your ad campaign?

  • Measure performance in meaningful segments
  • Distribute budget equally among different audience groups
  • Test different audiences
  • Identify which Tweets work best

22.What makes influential people on Twitter different from those on other platforms?

  • Influencers on Twitter tend to sell more products.
  • Influencers on Twitter have more followers than on other platforms.
  • Influencers on Twitter tend to be more likeable.
  • Influencers on Twitter tend to say “look at this” vs. “look at me”

23.Your brand invented a new vegan burger. Your marketing team created a video ad targeting the audience in France. You want to direct your audience to your website to make the purchase. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.

  • Set Campaign objective as “Website clicks”
  • Set targeting criteria: Location: France OR Keywords: Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Set Campaign objective as “Engagement”
  • Set targeting criteria: Location: France AND Keywords: Vegan, Vegetarian

24.Which of the following statements is correct?

  • A campaign must have more than one ad groups.
  • Ad groups let you run different creatives within one campaign objective.
  • One ad group can have different types of audiences.
  • A campaign can only have one bidding type.

25. Your game company is running a video ad to promote your new RPG game in the Japanese market. Your marketing team found that this game is most popular among teenage boys who are interested in Shōnen manga and anime. What are your targeting criteria?

  • Keywords: Shōnen, anime, manga
  • Movie: Seven Samurai
  • Age: 14-20
  • Location: Japan

26. You’re launching a product in a new market. The goal of your campaign is to drive consideration in hopes that people on Twitter will purchase your product. What type of campaign would be best suited to help you achieve your goal?

  • An app installs campaign to download your app
  • An Engagement campaign that attempts to create conversation
  • A Website Traffic campaign asking people to visit your new website
  • A Video Views campaign showcasing your latest looks

27.Which one is NOT one of the features of Ad composer

  • It allows you to add Website or App functionality
  • Create multiple versions of your Tweet
  • Determine audience location
  • Show real-time previews

28. You are an American fashion brand that aims to expand to the French market. You created a French video ad to promote your new business casual design to young professional women between 20 to 40 years old. What are your targeting criteria?

  • Location: France AND Gender: women OR Age: 20-40
  • Location: France OR Gender: women OR Age: 20-40
  • Location: France OR Gender: women AND Age: 20-40
  • Location: France AND Gender: women AND Age: 20-40