2023 – 2024 Coursera What Is Data Science? Quiz Answers

2023 – 2024 Coursera What Is Data Science? Quiz Answers

Week 1: Defining Data Science and What Data Scientists Do

Quiz 1- The Sexiest Job in the 21st Century

Quiz 2- What makes Someone a Data Scientist?

Week 2: Data Science Topics

Quiz 1– Data Mining

Quiz 2- Regression

Week 3: Data Science in Business

Quiz 1– The Final Deliverable

Quiz 2– The Report Structure

Final Exam – What is Data Science?

Q1. Based on the videos and the reading material, how would you define a data scientist and data science? (3 marks)

Data Science:

  • Data science is something that data scientist do.
  • Data science is a way of extracting insights from large volumes of disparate data.
  • Data science involves drawing patterns from seemingly random structured and unstructured type of data.

Data scientists:

  • Data scientists are curious and analytical thinkers who use a variety of math skills not limited to Mathematics, Statistics and Probability to solve a problem.
  • They apply different available methods and algorithms to draw insights and conclusions from various kinds of data.
  • After applying data science methodologies, they are effective communicators and story tellers who can present their findings often to present new findings or confirm what was initially suspected.

Q2. As discussed in the videos and the reading material, data science can be applied to problems across different industries. What industry are you passionate about and would like to pursue a data science career in? (1 mark)

Answer. I am passionate about pursuing a data science career in the field of Healthcare with the main focus being improving quality of care provided and making healthcare affordable. I would like to create models to predict diseases very early on by looking at various parameters of a person not limited to genetics, family history, lifestyle, and diet.

Q3. Based on the videos and the reading material, what are the ten main components of a report that would be delivered at the end of a data science project? (5 marks)

Answer. The 10 main components of a data science project report would be:

  1. Cover Page with Author’s name, contacts, affiliations if any and publication date
  2. Table of Contents containing main headings, list of contents and figures
  3. Abstract / Executive summary to explain gist of the report
  4. Introduction to explain the topic to new readers
  5. Literature Review including citations of authors and data sources
  6. Methodology section to explain the research methods and data sources used for analysis
  7. Detailed Explanations including Results and discussion sections
  8. Conclusions which generalize findings and identify possible future outcomes.
  9. References
  10. Acknowledgement and Appendices (if Needed)

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