2023 – 2024 Coinbase Earn Quiz Questions Answers to Win Free Crypto

2023 – 2024 Coinbase Earn Quiz Questions Answers to Earn Free Crypto

This guide will provide you with all the answers to the Coinbase Earn Quiz Questions for 2023 – 2024

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2023 Coinbase Earn Loopring (LRC) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Loopring Token (Coinbase LRC) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is Loopring?
  • Answer 1: An Ethereum scaling protocol
  • Question 2: What is NOT a benefit of using Loopring?
  • Answer 2: Requires a traditional bank account
  • Question 3: What is LRC?
  • Answer 2: Loopring’s governance token


Market Cap Rank#113
Market Cap$321,151,658
24H Volume$77,140,184
24H High/Low$0.275733/$0.234082

2023 Coinbase Earn Bounce (AUCTION) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Bounce Token (Coinbase AUCTION) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is Bounce?
  • Answer 1: A decentralized auction protocol
  • Question 2: How can you use Bounce?
  • Answer 2: Create or participate in auctions
  • Question 3: Where can you use the Bounce App?
  • Answer 3: app.bounce.finance


Market Cap Rank#511
Market Cap$31,439,902
24H Volume$5,675,122
24H High/Low$4.86/$4.42

2023 Coinbase Earn Cartesi (CTSI) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Cartesi Token (Coinbase CTSI) quiz:

  • Question 1: What does Cartesi Enable?
  • Answer 1: For developers to use mainstream software to code smart contracts.
  • Question 2: What’s Cartesi’s innovative scaling technique for blockchains called?
  • Answer 2: Optimistic Rollups
  • Question 3: How can CTSI holders stake?
  • Answer 3: Delegating or running a node on Cartesi Explorer


Market Cap Rank#270
Market Cap$83,068,774
24H Volume$10,958,675
24H High/Low$0.131871/$0.117954

2023 Coinbase Earn ANKR (ANKR) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the ANKR Token (Coinbase ANKR) quiz:

  • Question 1: What does the Ankr platform NOT provide?
  • Answer 1: Integration with traditional banks
  • Question 2: What CAN’T you do with the ANKR token?
  • Answer 2: Send wire transfers
  • Question 3: What can Ankr users look forward to in the future?
  • Answer 3: Earning rewards with advanced DeFi strategies


Market Cap Rank#162
Market Cap$187,821,914
24H Volume$69,280,106
24H High/Low$0.02460019/$0.02127285

2023 Coinbase Earn Rally (RLY) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Rally Token (Coinbase RLY) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is Rally?
  • Answer 1: A decentralized network for launching social tokens
  • Question 2: Which one of these is not a use of RLY?
  • Answer 2: Paying Ethereum Transaction fees
  • Question 3: Which of these below is NOT how Val’s fans use ValCoin?
  • Answer 3: Buying Bitcoin


Market Cap Rank#487
Market Cap$33,366,233
24H Volume$4,707,082
24H High/Low$0.01199088/$0.01079018

2023 Coinbase Earn Fetch.ai (FET) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Fetch.ai Token (Coinbase FET) quiz:

  • Question 1: What can people create with Fetch.ai?
  • Answer 1: Software agents that automate tasks
  • Question 2: What’s one role of the FET token?
  • Answer 2: To power Fetch.ai agents
  • Question 3: What does Fetch.ai plan to support in the future?
  • Answer 3: Automated interactions with industries like travel and healthcare


Market Cap Rank#135
Market Cap$252,280,752
24H Volume$212,318,505
24H High/Low$0.261341/$0.227455

2023 Coinbase Earn Balancer (BAL) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Balancer Token (Coinbase BAL) quiz:

  • Question 1: What can you do with Balancer?
  • Answer 1: Trade crypto and invest via Balancer pools
  • Question 2:: What are Balancer pools?
  • Answer 2: Self-balancing crypto portfolios
  • Question 3: What is BAL?
  • Answer 3: Balancer’s governance token


Market Cap Rank#134
Market Cap$252,894,288
24H Volume$17,249,404
24H High/Low$6.81/$6.02

2023 Coinbase Earn Clover Finance (CLV) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Clover Finance Token (Coinbase CLV) quiz:

  • Question 1: What can developers build with clover finance?
  • Answer 1: dApps with cross-chain compatibility
  • Question 2: What can you use to interact with dApps?
  • Answer 2: Clover finance wallet
  • Question 3: Clover finance wants to increase the usefulness and accessibility of?
  • Answer 3: DeFi

Clover Finance

Market Cap Rank#566
Market Cap$27,291,867
24H Volume$5,327,489
24H High/Low$0.064528/$0.058159

2023 Coinbase Earn The Graph (GRT) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the The Graph Token (Coinbase GRT) quiz:

  • Question 1: What information is indexed by The Graph?
  • Answer 1: Blockchain Data
  • Question 2: What do you earn for delegating GRT to an Indexer?
  • Answer 2: GRT tokens
  • Question 3: Who identifies high-quality, useful data on The Graph?
  • Answer 3: Curators
  • Question 4: What’s the best way to earn GRT Rewards?
  • Answer 4: Delegate GRT to a high-quality indexer

The Graph

Market Cap Rank#68
Market Cap$575,129,352
24H Volume$105,250,283
24H High/Low$0.083340/$0.071563

2023 Coinbase Earn BarnBridge (BOND) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the BarnBridge Token (Coinbase BOND) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is BarnBridge?
  • Answer 1: A DeFi risk management protocol
  • Question 2: What is SMART Yield?
  • Answer 2: An APY risk management tool
  • Question 3: What is the $BOND token?
  • Answer 3: BarnBridge’s governance token


Market Cap Rank#536
Market Cap$29,719,430
24H Volume$8,107,858
24H High/Low$4.03/$3.62

2023 Coinbase Earn Amp (AMP) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the AMP Token (Coinbase AMP) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is Amp?
  • Answer 1: A collateral token
  • Question 2: How is Amp used on Flexa today?
  • Answer 2: Instant settlement assurance
  • Question 3: What can you earn by staking Amp on Flexa?
  • Answer 3: AMP rewards


Market Cap Rank#154
Market Cap$213,471,155
24H Volume$6,456,965
24H High/Low$0.00386241/$0.00352167

2023 Coinbase Earn Polygon (MATIC) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Polygon Token (Coinbase MATIC) quiz:

  • Question 1: What blockchain is Polygon helping to scale?
  • Answer 1: Ethereum
  • Question 2: Who runs Polygon network?
  • Answer 2: Polygon Validators
  • Question 3: What is Polygon building?
  • Answer 3: An internet of blockchains on Ethereum


Market Cap Rank#10
Market Cap$8,842,337,578
24H Volume$1,058,957,621
24H High/Low$1.05/$0.897532

2023 Coinbase Earn Skale (SKL) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Skale Token (Coinbase SKL) quiz:

  • Question 1: Who can deploy a blockchain with SKALE?
  • Answer 1: Any Ethereum application
  • Question 2: How can SKL holders receive rewards?
  • Answer 2: Delegate SKL to a validator
  • Question 3: The SKALE network is built to support
  • Answer 3: An internet of blockchains


Market Cap Rank#221
Market Cap$117,441,162
24H Volume$11,728,442
24H High/Low$0.02975851/$0.02612004

2023 Coinbase Earn Ampleforth (AMPL) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Ampleforth Token (AMPL) quiz:

  • Question 1: What are Ampleforth’s automatic supply changes called?
  • Answer 1: Rebases
  • Question 2: What two tokens give the community control over the Ampleforth protocol?
  • Answer 2: AMPL and FORTH
  • Question 3: Ampleforth is a censorship-resistant that rebases once a day.
  • Answer 3: DeFi building block


Market Cap Rank#366
Market Cap$56,048,767
24H Volume$1,454,755
24H High/Low$1.25/$1.13

2023 Coinbase Earn UMA (UMA) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the UMA Token (Coinbase UMA) quiz:

  • Question 1: UMA lets developers create what type of financial product?
  • Answer 1: Derivatives
  • Question 2: Which network participants help UMA solve the oracle problem?
  • Answer 2: Liquidators and disputers
  • Question 3: Which of these can be used to create a derivative on UMA?
  • Answer 3: All of these answers are correct!


Market Cap Rank#209
Market Cap$126,729,978
24H Volume$11,035,367
24H High/Low$1.91/$1.72

2023 Coinbase Earn Stellar Quiz (XLM) Answers

Here are the answers to the Stellar Token (Coinbase XLM) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is Stellar?
  • Answer 1: A decentralized protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastructure
  • Question 2: What are Stellar Lumens (XLM) used for?
  • Answer 2: Facilitating low-cost, universal payments
  • Question 3: Why is Stellar good for sending remittances?
  • Answer 3: Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global
  • Question 4: Why would banks and businesses use Stellar?
  • Answer 4: To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently
  • Question 5: How does Stellar’s Consensus Protocol work?
  • Answer 5: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions


Market Cap Rank#29
Market Cap$2,279,729,695
24H Volume$122,632,914
24H High/Low$0.090385/$0.081210

2023 Coinbase Earn Numeraire (NMR) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Numeraire Token (Coinbase NMR) quiz:

  • Question 1: Who submits predictions to Numerai?
  • Answer 1: A global community of data scientists
  • Question 2: Why do data scientists stake NMR tokens?
  • Answer 2: To back up predictions and earn rewards
  • Question 3: What do data scientists pay to obtain Numerai’s financial data?
  • Answer 3: Nothing


Market Cap Rank#242
Market Cap$101,968,761
24H Volume$27,852,360
24H High/Low$17.71/$15.69

2023 Coinbase Earn Celo (CELO) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Celo Token (Coinbase CELO) quiz:

  • Question 1: How does Celo give greater access to financial tools?
  • Answer 1: By making crypto accessible on mobile phones
  • Question 2: What are 3 things Celo is used for?
  • Answer 2: Staking, governance, and stability
  • Question 3: What’s one way to send a Celo Dollar?
  • Answer 3: Using the Valora Mobile App


Market Cap Rank#117
Market Cap$301,047,750
24H Volume$26,452,486
24H High/Low$0.663187/$0.574510

2023 Coinbase Earn Compound Finance (COMP) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Compound Finance Token (Coinbase COMP) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is a key benefit of using Compound?
  • Answer 1: Earning Interest on your Crypto.
  • Question 2: What do you need to do to borrow crypto with Compound?
  • Answer 2: Supply a Crypto asset as collateral.
  • Question 3: Who gets to decide the future of the Compound protocol?
  • Answer 3: COMP token holders


Market Cap Rank#102
Market Cap$355,107,164
24H Volume$138,084,861
24H High/Low$54.74/$37.47

2023 Coinbase Earn NuCypher (NU) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the NuCypher Token (Coinbase NU) quiz:

  • Question 1: What does NuCypher provide to users and apps?
  • Answer 2: End-to-end encryption
  • Question 2: What does NuCypher use to protect your data?
  • Answer 2: Independent nodes to perform tasks
  • Question 3: Which of these is NOT a use of the NU token?
  • Answer 3: Paying Ethereum transaction fees


Market Cap Rank#205
Market Cap$131,344,824
24H Volume$7,885,982
24H High/Low$0.106352/$0.095174

2023 Coinbase Earn Enzyme (MLN) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Enzyme Token (Coinbase MLN) quiz:

  • Question 1: What can investors do with Enzyme?
  • Answer 1: Manage and automate their crypto investing
  • Question 2: What CAN’T you do with an Enzyme vault?
  • Answer 2: Invest in stocks, real estate, and commodities
  • Question 3: Vault fees on Enzyme must be paid in what asset?
  • Answer 3: MLN


Market Cap Rank#516
Market Cap$30,910,717
24H Volume$4,698,498
24H High/Low$21.86/$20.50

2023 Coinbase Earn IoTeX (IOTX) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the IoTeX Token (Coinbase IOTX) quiz:

  • Question 1: About how many smart devices are active today?
  • Answer 1: 35 billion
  • Question 2: How can you earn crypto with IoTeX?
  • Answer 2: Generating data with smart devices
  • Question 3: What devices does IoTeX offer for sale?
  • Answer 3: UCam security camera and Pebble data tracker


Market Cap Rank#131
Market Cap$268,492,926
24H Volume$22,777,024
24H High/Low$0.02948800/$0.02525394

2023 Coinbase Earn USD Coin (USDC) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the USD Coin Token (Coinbase USDC) quiz:

  • Question 1: Which is not a requirement for a strong password?
  • Answer 1: Memorable (easy to remember)
  • Question 2: Which is not a form of 2-step verification?
  • Answer 2: 1Password
  • Question 3: Which of the following should you never share?
  • Answer 3: Your seed phrase
  • Question 4: Which checks should you perform periodically to keep your account secure?
  • Answer 4: Check devices with access to your account

2023  Coinbase Earn JasmyCoin (JASMY) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the JasmyCoin Token (JASMY) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is the Jasmy token used for?
  • Answer 1: To access datasets on the Jasmy marketplace
  • Question 2: What does the Jasmy platform allow users to do?
  • Answer 2: Protect and take ownership of their data.
  • Question 3: Which region does Jasmy currently focus on?
  • Answer 3: Asia


Market Cap Rank#633
Market Cap$22,302,255
24H Volume$167,675,563
24H High/Low$0.00503464/$0.00419495

2023 Coinbase Earn Cryptex Finance (CTX) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Cryptex Finance Token (Coinbase CTX) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is Cryptex Finance?
  • Answer 1: A DAO providing decentralized products for crypto users
  • Question 2:What is the CTX token?
    Answer 2: An ERC-20 governance token that powers and secures the cryptex protocol
  • Question 3: What is the future of cryptex?
  • Answer 3: A complete lineup of fully decentralized Cryptex tokens all governed by CTX

Cryptex Finance

Market Cap Rank#883
Market Cap$9,566,464
24H Volume$205,823
24H High/Low$2.66/$2.47

2023 Coinbase Earn Quant (QNT) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Quant Token (Coinbase QNT) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is the name of Quant’s integration framework?
  • Answer 1: Overledger OS
  • Question 2: What does OVN stand for?
  • Answer 2: Overledger Network
  • Question 3: Wheat does OVN do?
  • Answer 3: All of the above


Market Cap Rank#31
Market Cap$1,874,189,977
24H Volume$72,436,345
24H High/Low$134.10/$122.12

2023 Coinbase Earn iExec (RLC) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the iExec Token (Coinbase RLC) quiz:

  • Question 1: What are the main benefits of iExec’s marketplace?
  • Answer 1: All of the above
  • Question 2: What is the RLC token used for?
  • Answer 2: All of the above
  • Question 3: What is the oracle factory?
  • Answer 3: A tool to facilitate the creation of oracles

iExec RLC

Market Cap Rank#222
Market Cap$116,643,655
24H Volume$48,382,588
24H High/Low$1.72/$1.51

2023 Coinbase Earn Render (RNDR) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Render Token (Coinbase RNDR) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is the Render Network?
  • Answer 1: A decentralized GPU rendering marketplace
  • Question 2: How do users earn RNDR?
  • Answer 2: Rendering 3D artwork
  • Question 3: What is next on the Render network’s product roadmap?
  • Answer 3: Monetization of 3D objects and environments


Market Cap Rank#180
Market Cap$162,293,013
24H Volume$60,932,774
24H High/Low$0.596796/$0.509008


2023 Coinbase Earn Project Galaxy (GAL) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Project Galaxy Token (Coinbase GAL) quiz:


  • Question 1: Which of the following can developers NOT use open credential data for?
  • Answer 1: Buying and selling NFTs.
  • Question 2: Who does Project Galaxy think should control credential data?
  • Answer 2: The Community
  • Question 3: What is NOT a possible use of the GAL token?
  • Answer 3: Staking


Market Cap Rank#326
Market Cap$68,219,896
24H Volume$36,167,834
24H High/Low$1.56/$1.33

2023 Coinbase Earn NEAR (NEAR) Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the NEAR Token (Coinbase NEAR) quiz:

  • Question 1: What is NEAR?
  • Answer 1: A simple, fast, secure, and climate-neutral blockchain.
  • Question 2: What can the NEAR token be used for?
  • Answer 2: To interact with apps and participate in governance on NEAR.
  • Question 3: What format does NEAR use for wallet addresses?
  • Answer 3: Natural language like “dave.near”

NEAR Protocol

Market Cap Rank#33
Market Cap$1,833,874,549
24H Volume$568,275,774
24H High/Low$2.31/$1.78

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