1500 + Coursera Courses Free

1500 + Coursera Courses Free

Below, I’ve compiled the 1700 entirely free courses offered on Coursera. It includes a number of highly-rated courses, including a few from Class Central’s Best Online Courses of All Time, such as Barbara Oakley’s Learning How to Learn.

Here are some stats about the course list:

  • Combined, these courses have 76M enrollments.
  • Combined, they have received 41K reviews on Class Central.
  • There are 9 courses with over 1M enrollments.
  • The most popular one, Yale’s Science of Well-Being, has 4.3M enrollments.
  • 58% of the courses are in English and 14% are in Spanish.

To help you navigate the course list, I’ve broken it down by subject. Click on one to jump to the corresponding courses.

Free Certificate Courses

If you don’t find what you need in the course list below, browse Class Central’s catalog of over 100K courses or visit our thematic collections:

You can find all our free certificates articles here.

Personal Development (78)

Health & Medicine (196)

Science (194)

Humanities (197)

Computer Science (103)

Programming (81)

Mathematics (44)

Engineering (88)

Social Sciences (212)

Business (255)

Art & Design (67)

Data Science (45)

Education & Teaching (85)

Information Security (InfoSec) (16)

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